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Our Team

NIEER staff and faculty are instrumental in advancing early education. Our collective efforts contribute to the growth and improvement of early education practices, benefiting young children and society as a whole.

The National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER) has a team of staff and faculty who are instrumental in driving progress in the field of early education. Their expertise in early childhood education research enables them to conduct thorough studies, analyze data, and generate evidence-based insights that inform policies and practices. They provide valuable policy recommendations to policymakers based on their research findings, advocating for high-quality and equitable access to early education for all children. 

NIEER's staff and faculty also play an important role in professional development, empowering educators with knowledge and tools to improve their teaching practices. Their program evaluations help identify successful approaches and areas for improvement, ultimately contributing to better program outcomes. Overall, the dedication and contributions of NIEER's staff and faculty propel the advancement of early education and support the development and success of young children.

Team Members

Senior Co-Director, Founder

Research Project Coordinator II

Director of Communications

Research Assistant Professor and Bilingual ECE Senior Policy Specialist

Assistant Research Professor

Research Project Coordinator

Senior Co-Director and Research Professor 

Early Childhood Education Policy Specialist

Assistant Research Professor

Early Childhood Education Policy Specialist

Early Childhood Education Policy Specialist

Associate Director for Data Management and Statistics

Research Project Coordinator

Co-Director for Research & Associate Research Professor

Assistant Research Project Coordinator

Senior Research Fellow

Associate Director of Technical Assistance

Research Project Coordinator

Distinguished Research Fellow - Erikson Institute

Senior Research Fellow - Professor & Chair of the Department of Early Childhood Education Kean University

Senior Research Fellow - Director, Center On The Ecology Of Early Development (Ceed) Professor

Senior Research Fellow - University of Delaware, Department of Human Development and Family Studies

Senior Research Fellow - The Robin Hood Foundation

Research Fellow