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The Effect of Early Childhood Programs on Third-Grade Test Scores: Evidence from Transitional Kindergarten in Michigan 

New insights into long-term effects of pre-K are offered by a study of the impact of Transitional Kindergarten (TK) programs on 3rd-grade test scores in Michigan. Jordan Berne and colleagues at the University of Michigan estimated the effects of TK enrollment on math and English Language Arts (ELA) scores employing a regression discontinuity framework. In contrast to much of the literature they find persistent impacts on math scores from TK compared to the mix of other early childhood experiences children receive (including no formal program participation). Read the full report 



New Research: Including Family Child Care Homes in Publicly-Funded Pre-K Programs: Estimating the Cost of Supporting Quality 

Dive into our latest groundbreaking study, "Including Family Child Care Homes in Publicly-Funded Pre-K Programs: Estimating the Cost of Supporting Quality." This insightful research delves into the essential role of Family Child Care (FCC) homes in publicly-funded pre-K programs and estimates the cost of ensuring high-quality early education in these settings. Discover the crucial policies needed to support FCC providers effectively and bridge the gap in early childhood education funding. Don't miss out on this important study shaping the future of early care and education. Read the report now. 


NIEER joins the 2024 AERA Annual Meeting: Dismantling Racial Injustice and Constructing Educational Possibilities: A Call to Action  

NIEER faculty will present recent work from Thursday, April 11 to Sunday, April 14, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  

NIEER’s Papers & Discussions 

📑 Kwanghee Jung, Associate Director for Data Management, and Steven Barnett, Senior Co-Director and Founder, will discuss "Preschool Children's Activities and Social-Emotional Development: Challenges, Disparities, and Implications." 

📑 Erin Harmeyer, Assistant Research Professor, and GG Weisenfeld, Associate Director of Technical Assistance, will share insights on "Funding FCC Educators to Participate in Publicly-Funded PreK: Costs and Considerations. 


📑 Alexandra Figueras-Daniel, Research Assistant Professor and Bilingual ECE Senior Policy Specialist will explore "Building Early Learning Latiné Educators (BELLE): Examining Latina Teacher Perspectives, Finding Awareness, and Pursuing Leadership Opportunities for Affinity." 


NIEER is headed to the National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC) Annual Conference in St. Louis, MO!  

NIEER researchers GG Weisenfeld, Senior ECE Policy Specialist, and Erin Harmeyer, Assistant Research Professor, will present "Building the Momentum for PreK in Family Child Care" alongside experts from the University of Delaware, Erikson Institute, and UNC Chapel-Hill. In this session, state, municipal, and district PreK policy teams will explore integrating Family Child Care into PreK systems. 



Early Childhood Care and Education in Cambodia  

This paper discusses child care and education policy in Cambodia, spotlighting the nation's robust commitment to Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE). The analysis covers three main areas: national statistics on child health and development, government policy and funding for ECCE, and various preschool models available. Authors Nirmala Rao and Veronica Pearson of The University of Hong Kong discuss initiatives and research findings, exploring their implications for policy development and the well-being of young children in Cambodia.

Publish in the International Journal of Child Care and Education Policy (IJCCEP)  


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Parental Risk Factors and Moderators of Prolonged Digital Use in Preschoolers: A Meta‑Analysis 

Researchers analyzed 52 studies involving over 54,000 children to explore factors contributing to prolonged digital use among young children and its impact on parental behavior. They found significant associations between preschoolers' digital habits and parental digital use, socioeconomic status, and passive parenting behavior, among others. The study emphasizes the importance of considering parental factors, especially parenting practices, in addressing the risks associated with prolonged digital use among young children. The authors suggest further exploration of cultural differences and the involvement of fathers in mitigating these risks. Read more 

The study was authored by Haoyue Qian, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai, China, Chenggong Wang, Shanghai Normal University, Shanghai, China and Hui Li, Ningbo University, Ningbo, China.


Effects of Caring Climate on Career Commitment for Preschool Teachers: The Mediating Roles of Interpersonal Trust and Cooperative Learning 

This study explores challenges encountered by preschool teachers in Taiwan and their effect on job satisfaction and commitment. It analyzes the relationship between workplace caring climate and career commitment among preschool educators. Factors like interpersonal trust and cooperative learning are examined, showing that a nurturing work environment boosts teachers' commitment to their careers. The findings highlight the significance of cultivating supportive workplace cultures for the professional development and well-being of preschool teachers in Taiwan. Read more 


Parental Support of Emergent Literacy in the Final Preschool Year in Austria during COVID-19-Induced Lockdowns 

A recent study led by Verena Scharnagl and Wilfried Smidt from the University of Innsbruck in Austria delves into the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on parental support for emergent literacy skills in preschool children. Through semi-structured interviews conducted during lockdowns, the research unveils differing levels of parental involvement in literacy activities, with some actively participating while others expressing concerns about timing. These findings offer valuable insights for shaping future pedagogical strategies in preschools post-COVID-19, stressing the importance of customized support to nurture emergent literacy skills in young children. Read more 


Exploring Family Engagement and Learning Outcomes in Early Childhood Education Programs in Brazil 

Authored by Thiago Oliveira from the Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil, a study explores family engagement's impact on learning outcomes in early childhood education programs throughout Brazil. Key findings stress the crucial role of inclusive and culturally responsive practices in fostering robust family-school relationships. The study advocates for policy and practice adjustments in early childhood education, highlighting the significance of continuous research and collaboration to guarantee equitable access to high-quality education for all Brazilian children. Read more 



New Project Scans ECE Apprenticeships for Learning Agenda 

Early care and education (ECE) apprenticeships combine job-related technical instruction with structured, on-the-job learning experiences. They are designed to help early childhood educators remain employed while they are working toward a credential or degree. A new project, Developing a Learning Agenda on Early Care and Education Apprenticeships, is conducting a scan to assess what is known about ECE apprenticeships and identify gaps in knowledge, with the ultimate goal of developing a learning agenda. Contribute to the project here. 



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