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Impact Areas


NIEER's global ECE research fosters collaboration, knowledge exchange, and cross-cultural learning among researchers, policymakers, and practitioners to drive sustainable improvements and positive impacts in early childhood education systems worldwide.

Global early childhood education research plays a crucial role in enhancing the understanding, improvement, and impact of early childhood education policies and practices. Amidst the abundance of evidence and studies primarily derived from Western countries, the expansion of global early childhood care and education research becomes essential and urgent to inform global efforts in early childhood. Our research aims to engage perspectives from various cultural and socio-economic contexts, unveiling innovative approaches and exemplary programs or practices that can be scaled or adapted elsewhere. Our efforts aim to inform policymaking, address inequities in access and quality, and improve learning opportunities for all children. Longitudinal studies, when feasible, provide valuable insights into the long-term effects of early education, and evidence-based solutions can result in positive outcomes for young children and their families. 

Access Our Research Library

The National Institute for Early Education Research's comprehensive research library serves as a valuable resource for educators, policymakers, researchers, and anyone interested in the field of early childhood education. The library is a repository of research reports, policy briefs, academic papers, and other publications related to early childhood education. Many of the resources in the NIEER Research Library are made available for free as downloadable PDFs or accessible through links.

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Learn More About Our Work

    Policy Landscapes

    NIEER's policy landscapes offer insights into early childhood education policies, enrollment, and nationwide funding. Advocates, policy-makers, and researchers rely on them to improve the quality and accessibility of early childhood education. 

    Research & Program Evaluation

    We evaluate nationwide early childhood programs, rigorously assessing impact. Data-driven evaluations span years, revealing strengths and weaknesses for targeted improvements. 

    NIEER Development Tools

    NIEER has created numerous proprietary research tools that include assessments, surveys, cost calculators, and evaluations, used by researchers and educators to gather data, analyze information, and evaluate the effectiveness of early childhood education programs.

    International Journal of Childcare and Education Policy

    The International Journal of Childcare and Education Policy (IJCEP) is a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal focusing on childcare and education policy research for young children. 

    Technical Assistance

    NIEER provides technical assistance to state advocates on improving the quality of early care and education programs and understanding the costs associated with high-quality programs. NIEER is producing a series of Guides to PreK Expansion and other resources to support state and national advocates in their efforts to ensure all children have access to high-quality early care and education. 

    Partnership with New Jersey

    New Jersey has a rich history of supporting early learning, evidenced by the state's Supreme Court decisions, legal regulations, financial investments, and committed state leadership. However, a pivotal turning point came with a landmark legal decision that sparked significant changes and laid the groundwork for progress over the last two decades.