NIEER Research

Examining Quality in Two Preschool Settings: Publicly Funded Early Childhood Education and Inclusive Early Childhood Education Classrooms

Type: Research Report
Christina Yeager Pelatti, Jaclyn M. Dynia, Jessica A. R. Logan, Laura M. Justice, Joan Kaderavek

Public Pre-K Financial Landscape

Type: Research Report
Richard Kasmin
Topic: Economics and Finance, Federal

Implementing 15 Essential Elements for High Quality: A State and Local Policy Scan

Type: Policy Brief
W. Steven Barnett, G.G. Weisenfeld, Kirsty Clarke Brown, Jim Squires, and Michelle Horowitz
Topic: Access, Assessment, Economics and Finance, Federal, Governance and Accountability, Quality and Curriculum, State & Local

Technical Report: Kindergarten Early Learning Scale

Type: Policy Brief
Shannon Riley-Ayers, Kwanghee Jung, & Jorie Quinn
Topic: Assessment, Outcomes, Quality and Curriculum

The State of Infant-Toddler Care and Education in New Jersey

Type: Research Report
Judith M. Y. Alexandre, Natalie Makow, Kwanghee Jung, Steve Barnett
Topic: Access, Quality and Curriculum

Equity and Excellence: African-American Children’s Access to Quality Preschool

Type: Policy Brief
W. Steven Barnett, Megan Carolan, and David Johns
Topic: Access, Outcomes

The Essex Quality Improvement Project (EQUIP)

Type: Research Report
Judith Marie Yves Alexandre, Natalie Makow, Kwanghee Jung, W. Steven Barnett
Topic: Quality and Curriculum

Acelero 2011-12 Program Evaluation—Summary Report

Type: Research Report
Steve Barnett and Kwanghee Jung
Topic: Assessment, Outcomes

Abbott Preschool Program Longitudinal Effects Study: Fifth Grade Follow-Up

Type: Research Report
W. Steven Barnett, Kwanghee Jung, Min-Jong Youn, and Ellen C. Frede
Topic: Outcomes, State & Local, State Pre-K Evaluations