2021-2022 State of Pre-K Yearbook Research Appendices


Dear esteemed researchers, advocates, and policymakers in the field of Early Childhood Education (ECE),

We are pleased to present the Research Appendix to our "State of PreK 2022 Yearbook". Recognizing the diverse needs of our community, this appendix has been meticulously curated to serve as an invaluable resource for those diving deep into the intricacies of PreK research.

Benefits and Utilities:

  1. Detailed Data Sets: Uncover comprehensive raw data and granular statistics, empowering data-driven analyses and insights for researchers.
  2. Clarification & Elaboration: Dive deeper into specific topics and nuances, enhancing understanding and ensuring that our findings are interpreted in their correct context.
  3. Resources & Methodologies: Access detailed methods, protocols, and additional resources, fostering transparency and reproducibility. This is essential for researchers aiming to build upon or replicate studies and for advocates seeking a clear foundation for their efforts.
  4. Comprehensive References: Navigate our extended bibliographies, which cater to interdisciplinary explorations and allow for a more profound connection to wider ECE scholarship.
  5. Strategic Decision-making: For policymakers, the appendix provides the detailed backdrop against which informed, evidence-based policies can be crafted, ensuring that decisions are rooted in comprehensive research.

By consolidating extensive information and resources in this appendix, we aim to make the "State of PreK 2022 Yearbook" both accessible for a general audience and deeply informative for specialists. We trust this will further our collective goal: to advance the cause of Early Childhood Education, ensuring a brighter future for all our young learners.

Warm regards,