The APPLES Blossom: Abbott Preschool Program Longitudinal Effects Study (APPLES), Preliminary Results through 2nd Grade

An ongoing study of New Jersey’s pre-K program finds that attending the program reduces grade retention and improves language, literacy and math skills.


By Ellen Frede, Kwanghee Jung, W. Steven Barnett, and Alexandra Figueras
(June 2009)

The second in a series, this report discusses the results of a rigorous study of New Jersey’s Abbott Preschool Program. The study estimates the learning gains of children participating in the Abbott program, particularly looking at the long-term effects of participation. This report builds upon earlier research, following-up with former Abbott pre-K children now in first and second grade. Findings from the study include: gains in language, literacy and math skills continued through second grade for children who attended the pre-K program; participation in the program significantly reduced retention in kindergarten and first grade; and attending the Abbott program for two years resulted in greater educational impacts than attending for only one year or not attending at all.

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