Policy Brief: Providing Preschool Education for All 4-Year-Olds: Lessons from Six State Journeys

This policy brief examines the efforts of six states in pursuit of preschool for all.

By Debra J. Ackerman, W. Steven Barnett, Laura E. Hawkinson, Kirsty Brown and Elizabeth A. McGonigle
NIEER Policy Brief (Issue 18, March 2009)


Over the last decade, state-funded preschool education programs have grown and now enroll more than one million children. However, preschool access in most states is limited to at-risk children. Three states currently offer “preschool for all” – Florida, Georgia and Oklahoma. Three other states are slated to have preschool for all by the next five years – Illinois, New York and West Virginia. This policy brief examines the journeys of these six states in achieving a plan for preschool for all.

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