Lessons from Other States and Countries, July 2, 2020

Lessons from Other States and Countries / Exploring How Other States and Counties Reopened Schools

Moderator: Dr. Michael Salvatore, Superintendent, Long Branch Public Schools

Special Guests: Dr. Zijia Li, Assistant Research Professor, NIEER, and Dr. Lin Li, East China Normal University and Visiting Scholar, NIEER


Moving New Jersey Schools Forward Amid COVID-19 is an online forum to support the development of school district planning that responds to the challenges of COVID-19.

Sessions include a guest expert followed by questions and discussion. Planned topics include health risks to children and staff, how other states and countries have reopened (or plan to reopen) schools, what we can learn from child care, transportation, budget implications, PPE, parent concerns, teacher and staff concerns, and more.

School districts must plan to meet the educational needs of children with considerable uncertainty and fast-moving changes in knowledge regarding COVID-19. This forum offers access to the latest information including successful examples from other states and countries, support for the use of data in planning and continuous improvement of practice, and a way for district leaders to learn from each other how best to move forward.

Forum organizers are longtime New Jersey school leaders Penelope Lattimer, Kimberley Marcus, and Michael Salvatore with Rutgers Professor Steven Barnett.