Teacher Survey of Early Education Quality

The TSEEQ (Hallam, Rous, Riley-Ayers, & Epstein, 2011) is a self-report survey for early childhood teachers regarding their classroom practices and quality.  The survey is completed independently and can be conducted either on paper or online.  Teachers are asked to reflect on several aspects of the curriculum and classroom practices.  These areas include:  literacy, math, science, physical education and art curriculum, curriculum in general, instruction, assessment, physical environment, interaction and emotional climate, leadership and supervision, and family involvement.  There are approximately 100 questions on the survey presented mostly with a 5-point Likert Scale response or a yes/no response.  The complete survey is expected to take approximately 30 minutes per teacher. In a preliminary test of reliability, 490 surveys were analyzed and showed moderate to high levels of internal consistency, with low inter-item correlations (expected) and Cronbach alphas all above .7.

Suggested Citation
Hallam, R, Rous, B. Riley-Ayers, S & Epstein, D. (2011).  Teacher survey of early education quality.  New Brunswick, NJ: NIEER.