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State-specific research on state-funded programs

Research Reports

State Preschool in a Mixed Delivery System: Lessons From Five States

Karin Garver, G. G. Weisenfeld, Lori Connors-Tadros, Katherine Hodges, Hanna Melnick, and Sara Plasencia

Assistant Teachers in State-funded Preschool Programs

GG Weisenfeld, Kate Hodges, & Abby Copeman Petig

Essentials of Quality Public Preschool

GG Weisenfeld Ed.D.

Longitudinal Effects of the Arkansas Better Chance Program: Findings from First Grade through Fourth Grade

Kwanghee Jung, W. Steven Barnett, Jason T. Hustedt, Jessica Francis

Abbott Preschool Program Longitudinal Effects Study: Fifth Grade Follow-Up

W. Steven Barnett, Kwanghee Jung, Min-Jong Youn, and Ellen C. Frede
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