Ashley Davison

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Ashley Davison

Director of Communications

Phone: 848-932-0770

Ashley Davison joined NIEER in January 2023 as Director of Communications. In her role, she leads the institute’s development and implementation of audience-centric marketing and media strategies. Through a broad use of digital and content marketing, she seeks to elevate the position of the NIEER, leadership, and mission-related work.

Before joining NIEER, Ashley directed digital & content marketing for the Rutgers-Newark Office of Communications. At Rutgers-Newark, she built a communications strategy from the ground up, launching the RU-N updated and rebranded website in 2022 as well as creating and implementing the office’s social media and media strategy. She also has experience as a marketing consultant, advising nonprofits, foundations, and educational institutions on their strategy, messaging, and campaigns.

She received her Bachelor’s in Media Studies, Video Production from Rutgers University and her Master’s in Digital Media & Communication from Quinnipiac University.