Infant and Toddler Policy Research Center at NIEER

The Infant and Toddler Policy Research Center at NIEER (ITC@NIEER) focuses expressly on producing research and providing research-based technical assistance and policy analysis that informs national, state, and local policies for enhancing the educational and developmental well-being of infants and toddlers.

ITC@NIEER is based on a fairly new but robust focus by researchers, policymakers, and the public on infant and toddler well-being. The catalyst for this is greater public awareness of the importance of a child’s early years on their development.

ITC@NIEER Data Snapshot:
How did the Covid-19 pandemic impact child care use among infants and toddlers in New Jersey?

ITC@NIEER Research:
Reviewing the Research Base from 1985-2020: Infant and Toddler Child Care and At-Risk Children’s School Readiness

ITC@NIEER Data Snapshot:
What Do We Know About Infant and Toddler Care in New Jersey?

ITC@NIEER Data Snapshot:
Who Cares for Infants and Toddlers? Change from 2012 to 2019 and its Implications

ITC@NIEER Data Snapshot:
Exploring the Cost of High-Quality Infant and Toddler Care in New Jersey

ITC@NIEER Webinar:
5 Things We Know and 5 Things We Don’t But Should, A Conversation about Education and Care for Infants and Toddlers in New Jersey, Fri., Feb. 19, 2021

ITC@NIEER Research Paper:
The Financial Impact of COVID Licensing Standards on NJ Child Care Providers

NIEER White Paper:
Overview of the Infant-Toddler Workforce
By Diane M. Horm

NIEER White Paper:
Financing Care For Infants And Toddlers
By Karen Schulman, National Women’s Law Center

The Essex Quality Improvement Project (EQUIP) (Report)

The State of Infant-Toddler Care and Education in New Jersey (Report)

Presentation to the U.S. Department of Education on AVANCE (Presentation)

The AVANCE Randomized Trial Outcomes Study