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Your support helps NIEER provide the information policymakers need to improve children’s lives through quality early education.

More than 50 years since President Johnson launched a national early education program to give disadvantaged children a “head start,” the United States has made little to no progress toward providing all children the quality early learning experiences that lead to success in school and later life.

Most developed nations now offer universal preschool–even China has committed to pre-K for every 4-year-old and most 3-year-olds by 2020–but the US is doing little to put education, beginning with quality preschool, on track to be world class.

We can say with a great deal of certainty that high-quality early education enriches children and the nation. Less certain is whether leaders at the federal, state and local levels will forge policies and programs that are effective and efficient.

Your donation to NIEER’s Right from the Start Fund supports evidence-based, hands-on research to help make quality early education a reality for all children sooner rather than later.

You can help provide children the opportunity they deserve to succeed in school and in life.

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