NIEER Resources

NIEER Survey: Young Children’s Home Learning and Preschool Participation Experiences During the Pandemic (July 23, 2020)

Moving New Jersey Schools Forward Amid COVID-19 is an online forum to support the development of school district planning that responds to the challenges of COVID-19 (recorded webinars).

Beyond Borders in a Crises: The Global Response to Support Children. A blog by Joan Lombardi (March 24, 2020, Preschool Matters Today) on the global impact COVID-19 has had on children.

CityHealth and NIEER co-sponsored webinar (July 15, 2020) Planning for the Upcoming School Year: How Cities are Adapting Their Pre-K Program in the Era of Covid-19

COVID-19 Crisis and Early Learning webinar series co-sponsored by NIEER and CCSSO:

To assist state education leaders in planning for the restart of schools, CCSSO has released Phase 2 Restart & Recovery framework.

NIEER and CCSSO have also partnered to present a series of webinars for the 2020 ECE SCASS.

Honor the Essential Early Childhood Workforce During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Some Examples and New Ideas.  A blog by Peggy Daly Pizzo (March 25, 2020, Preschool Matters Today).

Initial Ideas and Resource on Planning for Reopening Following COVID-19 School Closures. A summary of national and state resources compiled by Lori Connors-Tadros (April 24, 2020).

Into the unknown. Managing home-schooling and work in the age of COVID-19. A blog by Milagros Nores (March 19, 2020, Preschool Matters Today.)

Kindergarten Entry Assessments: Considerations for Fall 2020 (August 18, 2020) webinar co-sponsored by CCSSO, WestEd, and NIEER highlighted the use of KEA data and how Ohio and South Carolina are planning to implement a KEA in the fall 2020. Handouts included:

Lessons from China to Keep and Teach Our Children Well, Especially the YoungestA blog by Steve Barnett and Zijia Li (April 9, 2020, Preschool Matters Today) on lessons that can be learned based on China’s experience with COVID-19.

Now is the time to invest in preschool education. Here’s why An opinion article (May 6, 2020, Fortune) by NIEER Founder and Senior Co-director Dr. Steven Barnett. Dr. Barnett outlines three steps state and federal policymakers can take to enhance preschool and protect it from budget cutting mistakes similar to those made 12 years ago in response to the Great Recession.

Recommendations for Safer, Effective Emergency Childcare for Children of Essential Workers. Guidance intended to inform policy and practice for childcare providers who remain open during the COVID-19 public health emergency to provide childcare services for essential personnel.

Review of State School Reopening Plans and Implications and Suggestions for State Funded Pre-K Programs. A review of all of the state’s reopening public school plans and an analysis of pre-K inclusion by GG Weisenfeld (July 31, 2020, updated August 18, 2020).