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Lack of funding limits North Carolina pre-K initiative’s impact

January 22, 2019
Amelia Harper

Dive Brief: While North Carolina has a reputation for supporting high-quality early education programs, a new analysis by  the National Institute for Early Education Research  (NIEER) finds that the state’s current funding method creates barriers that limit children’s access to pre-K. Currently 47% of eligible children in the state attend the state-funded program. NC Pre-K, launched in 2001, has produced good results in most…

Grant Will Provide Online Pre-K To Several Hundred Montana Children

January 22, 2019

UPSTART from the Utah-based nonprofit Waterford Institute is a computer program that guides students through academic lessons using digital books, songs and games. Though  UPSTART  is meant to be fun, Waterford’s Isaac Troyo says there’s substance behind the cartoon characters and flashy animations. “The fact that the software can individualize the curriculum to the child is…

Missouri Lawmakers Say They Want To Expand Pre-K But Not How They’d Pay For It

January 22, 2019
Ryan Delaney

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson talked a lot about expanding early childhood education opportunities in the weeks leading up to his first State of the State address and budget as governor. “I think at some point the state will have to play a role in early childhood development and understand that’s a long-term goal,” Parson, a…

What we’re doing isn’t good enough: Idaho needs high-quality, well-tailored pre-K programs

January 21, 2019
Beth Oppenheimer

In recent years, a number of Idaho’s policymakers have been wrapped up in the notion that preschool does not work. These claims have relied heavily on a much-cited 2015 study of Tennessee’s voluntary pre-K program by Vanderbilt University researchers. It is no secret that there are preschool opponents who love nothing more than to finally…

New study finds pre-k benefits endure through eighth grade

January 21, 2019

Duke University researchers found that pre-k education makes a difference in reading, writing and arithmetic and that those benefits last much longer than previously thought — through eighth grade and possibly even beyond.

NC Pre-K one of only two state preschool programs in the nation that measure teaching quality and meet standards

January 18, 2019
Mandy Ableidinger

NC Pre-K provides high-quality preschool to eligible four-year-olds in North Carolina. The state’s preschool program scored significantly better than the average state preschool program on a recent nationwide assessment of preschool quality. NC Pre-K scores well on having rigorous, well-articulated early learning policies and using best practices. Notably, North Carolina is: One of only two…

NLC’s Early Learning Nation Expands

January 18, 2019
Todd Allen Wilson

The network of cities across the country that are taking decisive action to prioritize programs and policies that improve outcomes for young children is expanding. The National League of Cities (NLC) Institute for Youth, Education and Families (YEF Institute) selected eight cities as part of a new cohort of NLC’s technical assistance initiative, City Leadership for…

Red Hat, SAS leaders push for more slots for students in NC Pre-K

January 18, 2019
Debra Morgan

In response to a study out of Duke University that shows pre-kindergarten helps children succeed at least through eighth grade, a group of North Carolina CEOs has pulled together a series of recommendations to give that advantage to more students. As a parent, SAS CEO Jim Goodnight knows  the importance of early reading  for his children. As a business owner,…

Business leaders say NC must do more to provide Pre-K to those kids who most need it

January 18, 2019
T. Keung Hui

RALEIGH –Prominent North Carolina business leaders are calling on state leaders to sharply increase pre-kindergarten enrollment by more than 15,000 children so that 75 percent of the eligible children are served. NC Pre-K, the state’s program for at-risk 4-year-olds, serves 29,509 children. But business leaders say another 32,728 children who meet the program’s requirements aren’t…

The Pre-K Funding Debate: Formulas or Grants?

January 18, 2019
Aaron Loewenberg

As a new crop of governors and legislators take office in states across the country and attempt to make their campaign promises a reality, the issue of school funding formulas has been making the news. In Massachusetts, lawmakers are  considering a bill  that would reform the state’s school funding formula by accounting for the growing number of English-language…