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New Governors’ Support Could Bolster Early Learning in 2019

February 18, 2019
David Lowenberg

In gubernatorial races across the country last year, calls to expand pre-K and other early childhood programs were popular campaign talking points. With many of those candidates now in office, 2019 could prove to be a big year for action by policymakers on early learning. Perhaps the boldest proposals have come out of California, Colorado,…

Bullock talks early-childhood, higher ed during UM visit

February 15, 2019
Patrick Reilly

Gov. Steve Bullock briefly left Helena and his last legislative session to call for greater investment in two areas: preschool and higher education. Both are vital for Montana’s current and future prosperity, he told about 40 members of the Missoula Area Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Missoula group. “If we’re actually talking about a workforce, we…

As lawmakers consider major preschool expansion, Colorado providers want more than just extra seats

February 15, 2019
Ann Schimke

With Gov. Jared Polis’ proposal for the biggest expansion of Colorado’s state-funded preschool program in its 30-year-history, many early childhood educators are cheering the possibility of 8,200 new preschool slots for at-risk children. But they’re also asking hard questions about how providers will find the staff and space to create new preschool classrooms, and whether…

Mass. must do more to boost early education workforce

February 14, 2019
Anne Douglass

When it comes to education bonafides, Massachusetts has a lot to brag about. Horace Mann, the reformer who popularized the idea of free, universal education grew up in Franklin and served as the state’s first secretary of education from 1837 to 1848. The Bay State frequently tops popular lists by  US News & World Report  and  USA Today  of those with the…

History as machine debates man on preschool subsidy

February 14, 2019

At Yerba Buena Centre, history was made when artificial intelligent computer engaged human being in a live interview on whether or not governments should subsidise preschool education.Exhibiting nearly all the qualities of a normal human being in her arguments, the Artificial Intelligent machine (IBM’s Project Debater) engaged Harish Natarajan in a heated debate underscoring reasons why…

America’s Insanely Expensive Child Care Is a Serious Economic Problem

February 13, 2019
Jordan Weissman

Something people tend to ignore about the high price of child care in the United States is that it’s not just a burden on individual families; it’s really a weight on our entire economy. The drag is obvious if you look at how female employment has stalled in the U.S. compared with the rest of…

Research Sheds Light on Effectiveness of Preschool Programs

February 13, 2019

Students who attend high-quality preschool programs reap benefits that can last through school and their lives, according to a review of research released by Learning Policy Institute. The study includes reviews of rigorous evaluations of 21 large-scale public preschool programs which find that children who attend these programs are more prepared for school and experience…

National praise, and a nudge to expand, for Seattle preschool program

February 12, 2019

A well-respected national organization recently gave Seattle’s preschool program a much deserved pat on the back. The Seattle program has the highest quality among Pre-K programs in 40 large U.S. cities, according to a new  report  from the  National Institute for Early Education Research  at Rutgers University in partnership with nonprofit policy advocacy group  CityHealth . Seattle’s preschool program merits high marks for…

Q-C providers say the child care crisis ‘can’t be left to those of us in the trenches’

February 12, 2019
Sarah Ritter

As a third-shift mom, Takala Campbell’s search for quality, affordable child care took years. “There were days I would break down crying, thinking I can’t do it because things are so terrible right now,” said the Davenport mother of three. “But you’ve got to push yourself and keep going, especially as mothers. Some days I…

Project Idaho: Lack of funding for early education

February 12, 2019

Idaho is one of only five states (Idaho, New Hampshire, South Dakota, North Dakota and Wyoming) that doesn’t provide state funding for preschool. In the 2017 legislative session, Montana passed legislation to expand its state funded preschool pilot program. The Idaho Association for the Education of Young Children took a poll last year asking Idaho…