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Recent early education news and updates

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About those pre-K studies

April 27, 2017
Eliza Shapiro

Overlaying the political tussle between Bill de Blasio and Andrew Cuomo over the proper amount of money to spend on pre-kindergarten education is a more abstract debate about the value of pre-K itself. No one thinks it’s a bad thing, of course. But the question of how to measure the societal benefits is, and has…

Gov. Holcomb Signs Indiana Pre-K Expansion Bill

April 27, 2017
Peter Balonen-Rosen

With little fanfare, Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb signed a bill Wednesday that will expand Indiana’s pre-K pilot program. The new plan will expand state-funded preschool to 20 counties, tie it to the state’s private school voucher program and include a controversial option for online preschool. Currently, the $10 million state-funded On My Way Pre-K program…

NIEER Research Spotlights Pay Gaps for Public Pre-K Teachers

April 27, 2017

While most publicly funded pre-kindergarten programs require teachers to have the same credentials as kindergarten teachers, few require equivalent pay and benefits for pre-K teachers compared to kindergarten teachers, according to new research released today by the National Institute for Early Education Research. Teacher Compensation Parity Policies and State Funded Pre-K Programs compares teacher compensation in state-funded pre-K programs, based on data collected for…

Trump expected to order study of federal role in education

April 26, 2017
Emma Brown

President Trump is expected to sign an executive order Wednesday that would require Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to study how the federal government “has unlawfully overstepped state and local control,” according to a White House official. Trump has repeatedly pledged to downsize the Education Department and its role in U.S. schools and colleges. The order…

Preschool Promise launch hopes to put 2,000 Cincinnati kids in school

April 26, 2017
Amanda Seitz

Preschool Promise leaders hope to help as many as 2,000 children and their families offset the cost of preschool next school year. City voters agreed to increase property taxes for the new preschool program when they approved a $48 million annual school levy by a historic margin last fall. For the next five years, $15…

NJ child care centers need more help to maintain quality, report finds

April 26, 2017
Dino Flammia

A $44 million federal grant, aimed at improving child care quality in New Jersey by implementing a public rating system, is set to run dry by the end of 2017. According to Advocates for Children of New Jersey, typical child care centers that depend on state subsidies for a quarter of their children, would actually…

PNC announces grant program to help Kentucky teachers

April 26, 2017

Officials with PNC Bank announced a new $5 million grant program Tuesday that is designed to help pre-K and Head Start teachers in central and southeastern Kentucky buy supplies and resources for students. The program will help provide items such as art supplies, technology, books and field trips to enhance the preschool learning environment. “Studies…

Why your children’s day care may determine how wealthy they become

April 25, 2017
Danielle Paquette

Children who are born into poverty often struggle to escape it. Researchers have studied this generational snare for years, concluding that underfunded schools and overworked or absent guardians exacerbate the cycle. But a recent study from the University of Chicago finds that quality day care can make a big difference: Low-income mothers with access to good programs raise children who…

States Investing the Most and Least in Children

April 25, 2017
Evan Comen, Samuel Stebbins, Michael B. Sauter and Thomas C. Frohlich

Most Americans agree that it is important to provide children with ample opportunities for success, regardless of where they live. To this end, state and local government budgets include provisions for children’s basic education, health care, social services, and other support programs. Still, children receive widely varying amounts of resources depending largely on their state…

 New York City’s Mayor Proposes Free Universal Preschool for 3-Year-Olds

April 24, 2017
Jarrett Murphy

Inequality is bequeathed early and hardened fast. Research indicates that by the time low-income children are 5 years old, they typically hear 30 million fewer words than their more affluent counterparts. That “word gap” reflects a general lack of school readiness that affects performance in the early grades, which then sets students on a less…