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Recent early education news and updates

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VA First Lady Pamela Northam launches new early childhood education initiative

June 22, 2018

First Lady Pamela Northam announced a new initiative to bolster early childhood education in Virginia and improve student outcomes for youth across the Commonwealth. The First Lady will lead the effort to improve the quality of and access to early childhood education programs across Virginia, support the early childhood education workforce, and ensure that Virginia…

Millions of U.S.-Born Children May Lose Out If Trump Changes Rules for Public Benefits

June 20, 2018
Christina Samuels

Recent debate has been consumed by the Trump administration’s policy toward families trying to cross the country’s southern border. But another proposal,  leaked earlier this year , although not yet finalized, is likely to affect millions of U.S.-born children whose non-citizen parents, in the country legally, are trying to seek permanent residency. That’s the assessment from a  recent report from the Migration Policy Institute  on the change being…

Early Childhood Programs See Sustained or Increased Funding in House Appropriations Subcommittee Bill

June 19, 2018

Last week, the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education (LHHS) met to consider the FY2019 funding bill, which includes many of the core federal early childhood education programs. During the Subcommittee markup, the bill was approved by a voice vote, setting up consideration by the full Appropriations Committee as early…

New IL state budget boosts early childhood education funding

June 19, 2018
Rachel Droze

DECATUR, Ill. (WRSP) — The new state budget is giving a financial boost to early education learning across Illinois. “We are trying to get them to learn the basic skills that they will need so that they can become lifetime learners,” St. Paul’s Early Learning Center teacher Michelle Wall said. The state’s Fiscal Year 2019 budget…

If DeVos Scraps the Federal Office for ELLs, Would It Matter?

June 19, 2018
Corey Mitchell

If U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos scraps the long-standing federal office that supports English-learners, a broad community of advocates and experts, including two former directors of the office, warn the move could harm students who already lag their peers on every academic measure. Under the proposal, DeVos would fold the office of English-language acquisition,…

Many teachers favor a more integrated early education system, national survey finds

June 15, 2018
Ashley Hopkinson

Teachers of children in preschool through 3rd grade said a more unified education system, for children younger than 8 years old, would help to establish a common foundation in early childhood education that would align teaching and student learning, according to a  national survey . This was the sentiment of 76 percent of current and former K-3…

Effective Early Education Requires Effective and Empowered Early Educators

June 15, 2018
Louise Derman-Sparks & Evelyn K. Moore

Effective early childhood education paves the way for school success and better life chances. This is a well-researched fact. Yet, a high percentage of young children in our country do not experience quality early childhood programs. One reason for this failure is the misconception that staff with minimum professional training and poverty line salaries are…

California falls shamefully short on preschool – and parents are paying the price

June 15, 2018
Joe Mathews

Since the 1990s, California’s leaders have promised to make preschool universal for every child. Maybe they’ll do it by the time I have grandchildren. It’s already too late for my own kids. The youngest of my three sons graduated from preschool last week. I celebrated by writing my final monthly tuition check of $1,165, bringing…

What works vs. What we can evaluate

June 14, 2018
Nora Gordon

Policy researchers spend a lot of time talking about how little the research we spend our time generating gets applied in practice. While the statutory push in ESSA for schools to use evidence may seem an elegant solution to this dilemma, it also poses a real risk that school leaders will feel pressure to choose…

Scarcity in high-quality child care restrains economic growth

June 13, 2018
Bob Krasne & Jim Hoehn

When parents look for new homes, the quality of the local school district is typically one of the most significant factors. We all want the best for our children. The better their schools, the better their chances to succeed and thrive. The same holds true for child care. Research shows that learning begins at birth….