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Recent early education news and updates

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Ohio Expected to Ban Most Suspensions, Expulsions for Youngest Students

July 16, 2018
Marva Hinton

Ohio is poised to become the latest state to take steps to limit school suspensions and expulsions for the state’s youngest learners. The state legislature has  passed a bill  that would ban the practices for students in pre-K to 3rdgrade who commit minor offenses starting in the 2021-2022 school year. Expulsion would remain an option for students who…

Who should pay for preschool for the middle class?

July 16, 2018
Lillian Mongeau

Here’s something you probably already know: High-quality preschool provides academic and social benefits for low-income children. Here’s something you may not know:  Preschool provides benefits, albeit smaller ones, for middle-class kids too . And yet, though most countries with developed economies offer public preschool as a standard benefit to all of their 4-year-olds, America does not. Instead, low-income parents here scramble for scarce public spots…

Pre-K scores fall. No surprise when Florida ranks 41st in funding

July 13, 2018
Scott Maxwell

Eight years ago, about 76 percent of students who had gone through Florida’s preschool program tested ready for kindergarten. The numbers weren’t bad. But we knew they could be better. So state leaders — knowing that kids who get a proper start in preschool often are more successful in school, college, careers and even avoiding…

Cincinnati Preschool Promise serves more than 1,300 families in its first year

July 13, 2018
Lucy May

CINCINNATI — Nakesha Forney knew her son, Landon, would be better prepared for kindergarten if he attended a quality preschool. But Forney had no idea how to find a good school her family could afford until she heard about  Cincinnati Preschool Promise . Preschool Promise helped Forney, who is a hair stylist, and her husband, who is a…

To Remain A Global Economic Leader, The U.S. Has To Lead On Paid Leave

July 11, 2018
Sheila Marcelo

Americans have never been more fixated on the news from Washington. Even in the dog days of summer, our politics are at a fever pitch. But the farthest-reaching action in Washington this week isn’t dominating headlines. On Wednesday, a Senate subcommittee is holding a hearing on a single issue that could transform our families, our…

Most States Still Don’t Require Full-Day Kindergarten, Report Finds

July 10, 2018
Marva Hinton

As more early-childhood education advocates call for universal pre-K, it’s interesting to note that less than third of all states even require full-day kindergarten. That’s one of the findings in a  50-state comparison guide to policies surrounding kindergarten through 3rd grade  by the  Education Commission of the States , a nonprofit and nonpartisan group of researchers who track policies related to education. The newly updated report, which was released last…

Early education advocates say Kindergarten readiness test is flawed

July 10, 2018
Jake Stofan

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (CNS) — New Kindergarten Readiness Exam results released by the state Department of Education show nearly half of students entering kindergarten are not prepared. Only 54 percent of students entering kindergarten in the state passed, an 18 percent drop from the last time the test was administered four years ago. Linda Alexionok with…

Invest in High-Quality Pre-K to Save on Prison Spending

July 10, 2018
John Booth

Children learn to trust their environments through a process that happens at a very young age. In a healthy family, parents or caretakers put time and energy into their children. They make sure their children are safe, and provide needed limits, direction, affection and attention. These adults shape things so children can grow up trusting…

How one small Indiana city sees child care as a potential economic driver

July 9, 2018
Stephanie Wang

In the small city of Crawfordsville, Indiana, Mayor Todd Barton has traced the local workforce shortage back to a surprising problem: the lack of preschools, day cares, and after-school programs. In his two terms as mayor, he has been pitching and promoting Crawfordsville, a blue-collar city of about 16,000 people that serves as the economic…

Maine has a model to follow to support children’s healthy social, emotional development

July 9, 2018
Charley Martin-Berry

Over the past decade, there has been an increase in research about how important the early years in a child’s life are, when the brain is literally being built. Providing strong foundations is key to children’s later learning and development. We know that thinking and communication are taking shape in these early years, but we…