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Recent early education news and updates

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Bank Street heads to East New York to help child care providers play to their strengths

August 16, 2017
Christina Veiga

One little girl would simply repeat anything that was said to her, rather than answer basic questions like, “How are you?” Another toddler seemed more active than the other children — maybe too active. But Sherease Alston, who has run a child care center from her living room for the past six years, was often…

Rauner signs bill preventing expulsion of preschool, early childhood program students

August 16, 2017

Chicago–It’s hard to imagine preschoolers being expelled from school, but Governor Bruce Rauner took steps today to make sure it never happens in Illinois. Rauner signed new legislation Monday that prohibits the expulsion of students from preschool education and early childhood programs that are funded through the Illinois State Board of Education. The bill, HB…

The High-Speed Preschool Experiment

August 15, 2017
Patrick Wall

…Faced with this pre-K shortage, districts across the country have turned to a cheaper, briefer alternative: preschool crash courses like the one in Lafayette. They vary in length, focus, and funding streams, but most are free for families, take place during the summer, and target rising kindergarteners without any school experience, along with their parents….

Parent of Expelled 3-Year-Old: ‘One Day We Had Child Care, the Next We Didn’t’

August 15, 2017
Matt Masterson

After years of home day care, Chicago professionals Chris and Sarah were excited about the idea of sending their 3-year-old son to a full-day preschool for the first time. The husband and wife – who asked to be identified by their first names only – found a high-quality, private suburban option close by and enrolled…

State to continue funding pre-K expansion despite lack of budget

August 15, 2017
Jacqueline Rabe Thomas

The state notified 24 school districts Friday that it will pay for preschool programs the state has historically funded. With no state budget in place for the current fiscal year – and the school year quickly approaching – uncertainty had surrounded whether the state would provide the money it promised district leaders when they expanded…

Getting ready for their first day of school

August 14, 2017
Caroline Alphonso

Mohammad Ismail would cry as they reached the fence outside the school in Ajax, Ont. He would throw himself onto the ground and use all the strength a four-year-old can muster to hold onto his mother. That was six weeks ago. On Thursday, Mohammad gave his mom a hug, a kiss and a high-five at the gate….

NJ State Board Issues Guidelines for Social and Emotional Education

August 14, 2017
John Mooney

Any school would probably say it supports a child’s social and emotional learning, but it’s difficult to define what exactly that means and what exactly it entails. At the behest of the State Board of Education, state officials put out  school guidelines  this month about the components of such teaching and learning, from emphasis on self-awareness to…

City’s preschool initiative highlights growing appetite for early learning despite funding uncertainty

August 14, 2017
Jackie Valley and Michelle Rindell

In a darkened room not far from where the mayor was cutting a giant red ribbon and punch was being served, a trio of 2-year-olds was curled up on cots, undisturbed by the stream of visitors peeking their heads into their nap room. The sleepy toddlers are among the 120 children expected to attend Strong…

More funding needed to expand Head Start Program

August 14, 2017

Guam — If local and national elected officials truly cared about the quality of public education, they would work to find the money and other resources needed to expand the Head Start Program. The program provides comprehensive child development services to economically disadvantaged children ages 3 to 5. There’s a special focus on helping preschoolers…

Quality Early Learning Programs Are a Key to Future Success. Why Don’t States Put Them in Their ESSA Plans?

August 11, 2017
Samantha Batel

Grades are a touchy subject. Understanding how students are doing, and how well schools are serving their students, is an imperfect science. But as states rethink what success looks like, they can use more holistic measures of school quality to improve school and student performance. The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), the main K-12 federal…