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Recent early education news and updates

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Power to the kids: A preschool approach imported from Italy comes to public schools in Denver

December 15, 2018
Ann Schimke

Boulder Journey School feels different from most other child care centers almost as soon as you walk through the door. In the hallways, there’s a kid-sized mail-sorting station, a giant metal spaceship trimmed with white and green lights, and a child-designed memorial for the school’s chickens, who were killed by raccoons a few years ago….

Head Start slashes likelihood of adult poverty

December 14, 2018
Morgan Sherburne

ANN ARBOR—One of the United States’ most successful anti-poverty measures starts very early in life: Head Start, a preschool program for disadvantaged kids, increased children’s education and significantly reduced the likelihood of adult poverty, according to a University of Michigan study. Martha Bailey, professor of economics and research professor in the Population Studies Center at the Institute for Social…

Local & State Officials Hoping to Expand Alabama’s First Class Pre-K Program

December 14, 2018
Marlena Mumma

Alabama leads the nation in it’s First Class Pre-K Program,  a voluntary program for 4-year-olds funded through grants by the Department of Early Childhood Education. “Children are learning how to share, how to listen to adults, these are things that are learned when children are able to get a head start at Pre-K and then they…

What California can learn from universal preschool in other states

December 14, 2018
Zaidee Stavely

s momentum builds in California to expand early childhood education programs, the state has the opportunity to look outside its borders and learn from other states and cities that have moved in the direction of offering universal preschool. During his campaign, Governor-elect Gavin Newsom said he was “committed to universal preschool, equipping all of California’s…

Will Shifting English Learning Accountability to Schools Work?

December 13, 2018
Conor P. Williiams

Now that  all fifty states and the District of Columbia  have received formal federal approval of their Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) plans, the work of implementing  the 2015 law —the United States’ primary K–12 education investment—is fully underway. As that work continues, however, advocates for educational equity should keep close eye on ways that ESSA’s structure creates new, unforeseen challenges for historically underserved students. This…

Colorado State Sen.-elect Pettersen: Fixing education must start earlier

December 12, 2018
Joey Bunch

A panel of conservative and liberal education experts agreed Monday night at Colorado Christian University in Lakewood that tax dollars invested in early childhood programs pay better dividends than trying to catch up after children fall behind in school. “It’s some of the best investments we can make with our taxpayer dollars, early on,” said…

In push for universal preschool, lessons to heed from California’s class size reduction program

December 12, 2018
Louis Freedberg

The rapid rollout of a hugely ambitious plan to reduce elementary school class sizes in California over two decades ago should serve as a cautionary tale for how quickly the state should implement universal preschool, a long-sought-after goal of children’s advocates and their allies in the Legislature. It may also give incoming Gov. Gavin Newsom…

Most Illinoisans live in ‘child care deserts,’ report says

December 11, 2018
Cole Lauterbach

About 58 percent of Illinois residents live in a “child care desert” with few or no options for licensed daytime care for kids while parents work. The Center for American Progress’  annual report  listing every licensed daycare and home daycare in the nation shows there are very few places for a dual-income family to send their children…

New Study Calls for More Research Into Early-Childhood Teacher Preparation

December 11, 2018
Marva Hinton

In recent years, more state-sponsored early-childhood education programs have called on teachers to obtain four-year degrees and additional training. But a study released this month raises some key questions about what is known about the quality of these teacher preparation programs. “The research suggests that we don’t know what a high-quality, early-child program looks like,…

Philly Goes to School; Lessons in Inclusive, Universal Pre-K

December 10, 2018
Melanie Bavaria

To outsiders, Oklahoma may seem like an odd place to look for a shining example of public education policy. This deep-red state has seen numerous cuts to public education funding over the last 30 years; stagnant teacher salaries over the past decade; and most recently a heated election cycle dominated by the aftermath of a…