Social and Emotional Learning: Keys to School and Workplace Success

The Guam Department of Education (GDOE), in conjunction with the Pacific Resources for Educational Learning Pacific Regional Comprehensive Center, in August 2018 hosted a professional development training entitled “Social & Emotional Learning: Keys to School and Workplace Success.”

Participants received trained on topics including identifying the components of Social & Emotional Learning; understanding the role of Social & Emotional Learning in an integrated, developmentally appropriate early education program; aligning learning goals and standards; understanding early childhood and primary curriculum; and strategies to address screening and assessment. Training was be facilitated by James Squires, Senior Research Fellow with the National Institute for Early Education Research at Rutgers University.

“The pendulum is swinging back to what educators, employers, and leaders have long believed – social and emotional learning is as crucial as academics to helping students achieve long-term success in school, work, and participation in a democratic society,” Dr. Squires said. “From Pre-K through high school, education plays a key role with families and others to bolster key, lifelong skills to help children achieve meaningful goals, have satisfying relationships and lead fulfilling lives.”

The training focused on a birth to 3rd grade continuum with an emphasis on Early Childhood Education central office specialists, counselors, educators and others, and aims to increase understanding and effectiveness of the components of Social and Emotional Learning. Presentations:

Day One: Understanding Social and Emotional Learning

Day Two: SEL in Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction

Day Three: The Teaching-Learning System