Recommendations for NC Pre-K Funding

NIEER Founder and Senior Co-Director Steven Barnett joined PNC Regional President Jim Hansen for a webinar discussing a new NIEER report, Barriers to Expansion of NC pre-K: Problems and Potential Solutions, including recommendations for efficient and effective methods to publicly fund high-quality preschool programs.

Barriers to expansion of state pre-K, in North Carolina and elsewhere, include lack of pay parity between private pre-K providers and the public schools, how programs are influenced by funding mechanisms, and what can be done to address the problems.

PNC Financial Services and SAS commissioned NIEER to study local barriers to NC Pre-K expansion. NIEER determined a key factor is the structure of state funding for pre-K programs. The study outlines recommendations to modify the state’s approach to pre-K funding. The webinar was hosted by the NC Early Childhood Foundation.

Watch the webinar 

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Copies of all webinar materials are available here