Primary Education Quality Presented to NJASCD Early Childhood Summit

NIEER Assistant Research Professor Shannon Riley-Ayers Ph.D., was a featured speaker during the January 2017 New Jersey Early Childhood Summit focused on bridging the gap in early learning preschool to third grade. Dr. Riley-Ayers’ presentation focused on Supporting a Developmentally Appropriate and Academically Rigorous Primary School.”
Today, educators and leaders are faced with the challenge of building a developmentally appropriate primary school without sacrificing the academic rigor needed to support young children in achieving success in school and beyond. Dr. Riley-Ayers provided an overview of the NJ Implementation Guidelines that outline best practices for primary school which defines practices that seamlessly blend instruction to address academic standards, approaches to learning, and students’ interests and motivation. She also shared preliminary results of a research study of quality in kindergarten through grade three throughout the state.

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