Getting Intentional About Kindergarten through Third Grade Practices

NIEER Associate Research Professor Shannon Riley-Ayers, Ph.D., and Assistant Research Professor Alexandra Figueras-Daniel Ph.D., along with Vincent Costanza, Ed.D., Superintendent in Residence, Teaching Strategies, LLC. shared this presentation during the 2017 New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association conference.

What often results from our fragmented system of care and education is a lack of rigorous and appropriate experiences for children as they transition from early childhood settings to the primary years of schooling. This session provided an in-depth look at a research and professional development initiative that the New Jersey Department of Education has designed in partnership with the National Institute for Early Education Research to assist preschool through third grade educators with fusing academic and social development.  NJPSA 2017 10-17-17SRA

This Professional Learning Community Guide is a framework to explore the Guidelines, reflect on current practices, and engage in extensive discussions with colleagues.  Educators use Professional Learning Community (PLC) sessions to collaborate with colleagues and focus on their classroom environments, teaching practices, and the content children learn.  The guide is designed to be used by school-based teams to closely examine the Guidelines and adjust teaching practices to increase student learning.

More information about this topic is available in a press release on this nationally recognized initiative and a blog post discussing implications of study results.


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