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Review preK standards and evaluations, private partnerships, and access, quality and funding

Research Reports

Connecticut Preschool Special Education Needs Assessment

Allison Friedman-Krauss, Ph.D., Karin Garver, Milagros Nores, Ph.D., Zijia Li, Ph.D., and Charles Whitman

Essentials of Quality Public Preschool

GG Weisenfeld Ed.D.

Lesssons Learned

Opportunities & Policies for Young Dual Language Learners

Milagros Nores, Ph.D., Allison Friedman Krauss, Ph.D., and Ellen Frede, Ph.D.

NIEER Pre-K Data Snapshot: State Policies Supporting Comprehensive Preschool Services

GG Weisenfeld Ed.D. and Nicole DiCrecchio Ed.D.
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