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Research on economic benefits and costs of quality preK programs and facilities

Research Reports

Teacher Compensation Parity Policies and State-Funded Pre-K Programs

W. Steven Barnett, Ph.D. and Richard Kasmin

Funding Landscape for Preschool with a Highly Qualified Workforce

W. Steven Barnett, Ph.D. and Richard Kasmin

Public Pre-K Financial Landscape

Richard Kasmin

Why the Source of Preschool Funding Matters

by Richard Kasmin

Implementing 15 Essential Elements for High Quality: A State and Local Policy Scan

W. Steven Barnett, G.G. Weisenfeld, Kirsty Clarke Brown, Jim Squires, and Michelle Horowitz

The True Value of ECE

Investing in Early Childhood Education: A Global Perspective

W. Steven Barnett and Milagros Nores