NIEER Working Paper – What Do We Know About the Impact of Publicly funded Preschool Education on the Supply and Quality of Infant/Toddler Care?

Debra J. Ackerman and W. Steven Barnett
This report examines the extent to which publicly funded preschool education programs have helped or hindered infant and toddler programs.



As public support for the education and care of 3- and 4-year-olds has increased, questions have arisen about the impact of those efforts on programs for infants and toddlers. This report reviews what is known about the impact of publicly funded preschool education on the supply of infant and toddler care, including:

  • The availability and use of infant/toddler care
  • Influences on the supply of infant/toddler care and how today’s supply compares to historic trends; and
  • Potential links between preschool education policies and the supply and quality of infant/toddler care.

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