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What Must We Do Right Now for Child Care Providers?

Dr. Allison Friedman-Krauss
Topic: Outcomes

Into the unknown. Managing home-schooling and work in the age of COVID-19.

Milagros Nores, Ph.D., Co-Director for Research, National Institute for Early Education Research
Topic: Outcomes

Financing High-Quality Infant-Toddler Care

Karen Schulman, Child Care and Early Learning Research Director, National Women’s Law Center
Topic: Child Care, Outcomes

Should Lead Teachers Have Their Own Credential?

Valora Washington, PhD, CEO of the Council for Professional Recognition, and Peggy Brookins, NBCT, President and CEO of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
Topic: Outcomes

My Search for the Holy Grail: High Quality Infant Care: Part II

Allison H. Friedman-Krauss
Topic: Access, Child Care

My Search for the Holy Grail: High Quality Infant Care: Part I

Allison H. Friedman-Krauss
Topic: Outcomes

Instructional alignment for sustaining the prekindergarten boost: Early findings from Boston

AUTHORS: Christina Weiland, Meghan McCormick, JoAnn Hsueh, Jason Sachs, Catherine Snow, Michelle Maier, Rebecca Unterman, and Anna Shapiro
Topic: Outcomes

Vive La Difference?

Karin Garver
Topic: Outcomes

Behind the Numbers: How State Preschool Has Changed Since 2002

Allison Friedman-Krauss, Ph.D. and Steven Barnett Ph.D.
Topic: Governance and Accountability, NIEER Blog, NIEER Projects, Outcomes
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