Getting the Facts Right on Pre-K and the President’s Pre-K Proposal

W. Steven Barnett
This policy report clears up some common misconceptions about preschool's effectiveness and benefits, particularly in regards to the Obama administration's recent fact sheet on investing in early education.

In this policy report, NIEER Director W. Steven Barnett dispels four common myths about preschool education, addressing the questions:

1) Does high-quality pre-K have lasting benefits?

2) What is the evidence for the $7 to $1 return on investment for preschool?

3) Do non-disadvantaged children benefit from pre-K, and is a targeted or a universal approach to preschool more effective?

4) Are large-scale public pre-K programs, including Head Start, effective?

Dr. Barnett examines the research evidence that supplies answers for all of these questions.

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