NIEER Newsletter

Volume 18, Issue 9

Hot Topics Bridging the Achievement Gap A new journal article points to the Chicago-based Child-Parent Center Preschool to 3rd Grade Program as a model for  how schools can help children “get off to the right start.” The Power of P-3 School Reform repo

Volume 18, Issue 8

Hot Topics Family leave and UPK Bipartisan initiatives to help families with young children have been taking off recently. Our own state of New Jersey passed a law increasing paid family leave to 12 weeks and expanding who can qualify as a caregiver. N

Volume 18, Issue 7

Hot Topics Science in the Service of the Public Interest The early childhood field lost one of its best intellects and moral leaders with the passing of Dr. Ed Zigler.  In addition to being one of the few leading developmental psychologists of his era

Volume 18, Issue 6

Hot Topics Head Start Headlines A lengthy story in the New York Times this week declared Head Start, a federal program created in 1965 to help children and families overcome the disadvantages of poverty, “is getting better.” The article, noting the Hea

Volume 18, Issue 5

Hot Topics Examining the Evidence A new report by the Learning Policy Institute finds students who attend high-quality preschool programs reap benefits that can last through school and their lives, based on evaluations of more than 20 large-scale publi

Volume 18, Issue 4

Hot Topics Help Wanted A new research brief from the Buffett Early Childhood Institute provides a first look at teacher turnover rates in early childhood programs and important consequences for children and programs, noting “Turnover can be expensive f

Volume 18, Issue 3

Hot Topics Formula for Success Discussion about how best to provide stable public funding that can sustain high-quality pre-K programs while expanding enrollment made headlines this week. Business leaders in North Carolina called on policymakers to set

Volume 18, Issue 2

Hot Topics Start Spreadin’ the (3-K) News New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio this week announced plans to expand 3-K for All, bringing the program to more than a third of school districts citywide and serving 20,000 3-year-olds by the end of the 2019-2

Volume 18, Issue 1

Hot Topics Pre-K That Is First Class A new issue brief released by the Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education reports the results of a rigorous, new study of long-term outcomes. The study finds students who participated in the state’s First Cl

Volume 17, Issue 50

Hot Topics ICYMI Everyone knows about the State of Preschool yearbook, but NIEER has many publications throughout the year. Here are five you might have missed from 2018. Prekindergarten Effects on Early Learning at Kindergarten Entry: An Analysis of E

Volume 17, Issue 49

Hot Topics Keeping It Simple A new report from the Bipartisan Policy Center focuses on streamlining administration and funding for early childhood education, with an assessment of how well states are doing and recommendations for improvement at both fe

Volume 17, Issue 48

Hot Topics Research on Teacher Preparation A new report from Bellwether adds to the ongoing conversation about what qualifications early educators should have in order to provide the high-quality learning opportunities children need. Let the Research S

Volume 17, Issue 47

Hot Topics Universal Paid Family Leave A study recently published in the International Journal of Child Care and Education Policy examines associations among length of maternity leave, mother–child interactions, and attachment among American working mo

Volume 17, Issue 46

Hot Topics Right to Pre-K A new report makes a practical, policy and political case that preschool is fundamental to our nation’s free public education system and  that universal access should be  a constitutional right. “A wealth of new research and p

Volume 17, Issue 45

Hot Topics Making Waves for Pre-K Early education was on the ballot this week from Seattle to Rhode Island, as voters approved new taxes and elected new governors, legislators and state education leaders. Thirty-six states elected governors—including 1

Volume 17, Issue 44

Hot Topics Free and Universal A new study in the International Journal of Child Care and Education Policy  identifies a strong link between availability of  free and compulsory preschool and primary school graduation rates, with the greatest increase a

Volume 17, Issue 43

Hot Topics Pausing for Thought The journal Child Development this week highlights a new study questioning the early childhood education mantra that “earlier is better.” The Earlier the Better? Individual Participant Data and Traditional Meta-analysis o

Volume 17, Issue 42

Hot Topics Leveraging ECE The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine recently published a summary of its workshop exploring how health care and early education interact to influence child development, recognizing birth through age 5

Volume 17, Issue 41

Hot Topics Secret Ingredient This week more than 100 early childhood professors, researchers, pediatricians and policymakers issued a public statement warning states that online preschool programs are no substitute for traditional classrooms and urging

Volume 17, Issue 40

Hot Topics The Equalizer A new report published in Sociology of Education revisits findings of the 2004 study ‘‘Are Schools the Great Equalizer?’’ and identifies the years before kindergarten to be the primary source of inequality in school achievement

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