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Volume 16, Issue 19

Hot Topics Better Sooner than Later New York City’s newly proposed 3-K for All program is an important step forward, serving the city’s 3-year-olds during an essential year, beginning in neighborhoods with high concentrations of poverty. Starting earli

Volume 16, Issue 18

Hot Topics Raising the Bar on Benchmarks NIEER will soon publish this year’s State of Preschool Yearbook, the only national report on state-funded pre-K programs with detailed information on teacher qualifications, enrollment, funding and other dimensi

Volume 16, Issue 17

Hot Topics Start Spreadin’ the News… New York Mayor Bill de Blasio this week launched the next big thing in pre-K: free, full-day, high-quality education for every 3-year-old in the city by 2021. Rolling out first where it’s needed most, the new prog

Volume 16, Issue 16

Hot Topics Apples to Oranges: Early Education Success at Scale NIEER Director Steven Barnett, Ph.D. authored the chapter “Challenges to Scaling Up Effective Pre-Kindergarten Programs” for a Brookings Institution report released this week.   For those w

Volume 16, Issue 15

Hot Topics Could taxes on sugary drinks be the future for funding universal preschool? We’ll know more next month—after Santa Fe voters decide May 2 whether to join Philadelphia, Boulder, and a growing number of cities imposing a tax on sugary beverage

Volume 16, Issue 14

Hot Topics Head Start Improvement Act Federal legislation introduced this week would “replace the existing Head Start program with block grants to states and Indian tribes for prekindergarten (pre-K) education,” according to the official Congressional

Volume 16, Issue 13

Hot Topics State of Mind A new report finds widespread support for expanding public financing of early childhood programs in… Nebraska. Surprised? The Buffet Early Childhood Institute/Gallup Survey revealed that two-thirds of residents in this Midwes

Volume 16, Issue 12

Hot Topics Educare: New Research on Impacts As local, state, and national policy discussions are conducted regarding public investments in child care, it is important that quality be front and center. Educare provides one of the strongest examples of q

Volume 16, Issue 11

Hot Topics Little Town in the Big Leagues The Hechinger Report this week explored why six states—Idaho, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming and Montana—have bucked the trend of investing in preschool and spend no state funds for early education.

Volume 16, Issue 10

Hot Topics Kids Today A new study by Daphna Bassok and Scott Latham published in Educational Researcher finds that students who entered kindergarten in 2010 had stronger math and literacy skills than those who entered in 1998. Increases in academic ski

Volume 16, Issue 9

Hot Topics Equal Pay for Equal Work In Massachusetts, at least 23,000 eligible children in low-income families are on waiting lists for preschool due to a lack of teachers. “It’s a serious crisis,” Amy O’Leary, director of the Boston-based Strategies f

Volume 16, Issue 8

Hot Topics To help children, help families A recently published series of briefs, La Familia: Latino Families Strong and Stable, Despite Limited Resources, explores Latino family life through extensive examination and analyses of data since 2010, findi

Volume 16, Issue 7

Hot Topics New Research Summaries Inform Policy But Offer No Easy Answers Diverse opinions over how much teacher qualifications and class size influence the quality of early childhood education have stymied policymakers’ efforts to improve learning and

Volume 16, Issue 6

Hot Topics Weighing In on Wages Our recent State(s) of Head Start report revealed not only that Head Start teachers and assistants are abysmally paid on average, but that the salary gap between Head Start teachers and public school teachers differs gre

Volume 16, Issue 5

Hot Topics Down to Seeds and STEM The newly released comprehensive report, STEM Starts Early: Grounding science, technology, engineering, and math education in early childhood, provides educators and advocates a new reason to mobilize. Debunking the no

Volume 16, Issue 4

Hot Topics (Factual) News You Can Use The National Institute for Early Education Research conducts academic research to inform policy supporting high-quality, early education for all young children. NIEER provides independent, research-based analysis a

Volume 16, Issue 3

Hot Topics Where NOT to Cut Spending As the new administration begins outlining plans to reduce federal spending by $10.5 trillion over the next 10 years, a new report by the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Education under

Volume 16, Issue 2

Hot Topics Everyday People In an exit interview with National Public Radio, Department of Education Secretary John B. King Jr. this week described DOE as “a civil rights agency with a responsibility to protect the civil rights of students and to ensure

Volume 16, Issue 1

Hot Topics Democracy in Action   2017 brings a new president, new Congress, new legislative sessions and budgets—all providing both opportunities and challenges for policies supporting high-quality early learning for all children. ASCD, formerly known

Volume 15, Issue 30

Hot Topics Plus ça change.. Yesterday’s Hot Topics continue to be on the policy agenda. Take a look at how they got started and stay with NIEER Weekly as we follow developments in 2017. January: EdCentral proposed six ideas for what candidates should b

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