NIEER Newsletter

Volume 16, Issue 35

Hot Topics Game On Child care and early education were hot campaign topics but the new administration and Congress have not focused on these programs in meaningful ways—until this week. A bipartisan proposal to expand and update the Child and Dependent

Volume 16, Issue 34

Hot Topics Still Recovering A new working paper indicates the Great Recession (2007-09) prompted “significantly reduced” academic achievement among elementary students in school districts with higher concentrations of low-income and minority students.

Volume 16, Issue 33

Hot Topics Life Lessons Children—even very young ones—sense the tension and fear surrounding recent confrontations over racism and immigration yet often are unable to discuss their feelings. Resources published this week offer age-appropriate suggestio

Volume 16, Issue 32

Hot Topics Attitudes, Evidence on Teaching DLLs  A national poll released this week on education policy and reform offers insight into questions of how a more divisive political climate has influenced public opinion on education and how much President

Volume 16, Issue 31

Hot Topics Early Education at the Ballot Box… States have gained renewed authority over education policy under the federal Every Student Succeeds Act, and governors are enthusiastically embracing the role of early education champions. The National Go

Volume 16, Issue 30

Hot Topics New International Assessment of Child Development at Kindergarten Entry Includes Social-Emotional Development The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development is launching a massive new project, called the International Early Learn

Volume 16, Issue 29

Hot Topics A is for Attitude Research has identified classroom experience—and teaching quality—as key to providing children with high-quality early learning opportunities shown to make a positive difference in their lives. Now researchers are exploring

Volume 16, Issue 28

Hot Topics One Hand Giveth… The House Appropriations Committee this week approved plans to boost federal investments in some early childhood programs–$22 million for Head Start, bringing the total to $9.3 billion and $4 million for the Child Care and

Volume 16, Issue 27

Hot Topics Making a Federal Case A new Government Accountability Office report on early learning counted more than 40 federal programs providing services to young children, with nine focused explicitly on early education and child care. The review iden

Volume 16, Issue 26

Hot Topics Degrees of Separation A report released this week argues that early educators need specialized knowledge but not a bachelor’s degree, reviving debate over the value of requiring the same credentials for teachers in preschool classrooms as in

Volume 16, Issue 25

Hot Topics Lost in Translation  A new national poll reports more than 3 out of 4 US voters want to see federal cooperation on improving the quality and affordability of preschool. In fact, 57 percent of those responding to the poll from the First Five

Volume 16, Issue 24

Hot Topics You Get What You Pay For A new cost study published by Florida SouthWestern State College underscores the need for reliable estimates of costs and funding for early care and education, particularly high-quality programs. The Early Childhood

Volume 16, Issue 23

Hot Topics Equity in the Context of Universal Services and a Reminder that First Grade Is Not Too Late The Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development presents important findings demonstrating that even first grade is not too late in early childhood to

Volume 16, Issue 22

Hot Topics All Work and No Play This week media coverage of a new journal article revived the false conflict between play and rigorous early learning. The Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology published “Do academic preschools yield stronger bene

Volume 16, Issue 21

Hot Topics State of Preschool 2016–Change is in the Air NIEER this week released The State of Preschool 2016, showing state-funded preschool program enrollment reached an all-time high, serving nearly 1.5 million children; state funding for preschool

Volume 16, Issue 20

Hot Topics Birthday Wish The first five years of life can set children on a path toward success–or failure–in school and beyond.  Understanding the unique importance of these early years, the federal government in 1965 launched Head Start to boost th

Volume 16, Issue 19

Hot Topics Better Sooner than Later New York City’s newly proposed 3-K for All program is an important step forward, serving the city’s 3-year-olds during an essential year, beginning in neighborhoods with high concentrations of poverty. Starting earli

Volume 16, Issue 18

Hot Topics Raising the Bar on Benchmarks NIEER will soon publish this year’s State of Preschool Yearbook, the only national report on state-funded pre-K programs with detailed information on teacher qualifications, enrollment, funding and other dimensi

Volume 16, Issue 17

Hot Topics Start Spreadin’ the News… New York Mayor Bill de Blasio this week launched the next big thing in pre-K: free, full-day, high-quality education for every 3-year-old in the city by 2021. Rolling out first where it’s needed most, the new prog

Volume 16, Issue 16

Hot Topics Apples to Oranges: Early Education Success at Scale NIEER Director Steven Barnett, Ph.D. authored the chapter “Challenges to Scaling Up Effective Pre-Kindergarten Programs” for a Brookings Institution report released this week.   For those w

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