NIEER Newsletter

Volume 16, Issue 8

Hot Topics To help children, help families A recently published series of briefs, La Familia: Latino Families Strong and Stable, Despite Limited Resources, explores Latino family life through extensive examination and analyses of data since 2010, findi

Volume 16, Issue 7

Hot Topics New Research Summaries Inform Policy But Offer No Easy Answers Diverse opinions over how much teacher qualifications and class size influence the quality of early childhood education have stymied policymakers’ efforts to improve learning and

Volume 16, Issue 6

Hot Topics Weighing In on Wages Our recent State(s) of Head Start report revealed not only that Head Start teachers and assistants are abysmally paid on average, but that the salary gap between Head Start teachers and public school teachers differs gre

Volume 16, Issue 5

Hot Topics Down to Seeds and STEM The newly released comprehensive report, STEM Starts Early: Grounding science, technology, engineering, and math education in early childhood, provides educators and advocates a new reason to mobilize. Debunking the no

Volume 16, Issue 4

Hot Topics (Factual) News You Can Use The National Institute for Early Education Research conducts academic research to inform policy supporting high-quality, early education for all young children. NIEER provides independent, research-based analysis a

Volume 16, Issue 3

Hot Topics Where NOT to Cut Spending As the new administration begins outlining plans to reduce federal spending by $10.5 trillion over the next 10 years, a new report by the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Education under

Volume 16, Issue 2

Hot Topics Everyday People In an exit interview with National Public Radio, Department of Education Secretary John B. King Jr. this week described DOE as “a civil rights agency with a responsibility to protect the civil rights of students and to ensure

Volume 16, Issue 1

Hot Topics Democracy in Action   2017 brings a new president, new Congress, new legislative sessions and budgets—all providing both opportunities and challenges for policies supporting high-quality early learning for all children. ASCD, formerly known

Volume 15, Issue 30

Hot Topics Plus ça change.. Yesterday’s Hot Topics continue to be on the policy agenda. Take a look at how they got started and stay with NIEER Weekly as we follow developments in 2017. January: EdCentral proposed six ideas for what candidates should b

Volume 15, Issue 29

Hot Topics All Over the Map Early education research shared this week shows how location and other factors influence opportunity, especially for low-income families and children. Both reports also illustrate the challenges researchers face when evaluat

Volume 15, Issue 28

Hot Topics New Research on Head Start Across States, Territories Coming Next Week Our new research report is the first to describe and analyze in detail Head Start enrollment, funding, observable classroom quality and duration, staff qualifications and

Volume 15, Issue 27

Hot Topics If the kids are united, they will never be divided In the aftermath of the election that many found divisive, it has never been more important to understand that policies addressing the changes and challenges in today’s world need to avoid “

Volume 15, Issue 26

Hot Topics A Fresh Set of Eyes on Hispanic ECE Three new reports from the National Research Center on Hispanic Children and Families suggest the gap in ECE participation rates between low-income Hispanic children and their peers appears to be closing.

Volume 15, Issue 25

Hot Topics Voters Turn Thumbs Down–and Up–on Early Education While both presidential candidates campaigned on better supports for parents and their young children, early childhood education was more directly on the ballot at state and local levels, w

Volume 15, Issue 24

Hot Topics The Elephant–or Donkey–In The Room No matter what early education issue is up for discussion–quality, access, cost, teacher compensation—one can’t help but reflect on how early education policy will be influenced by the Nov. 8 elections

Volume 15, Issue 23

Hot Topics Location, location, location Much well-deserved attention has been focused on how cost can inhibit access to quality early childhood education. But a new report by Center for American Progress demonstrates that a family’s zip code can also b

Volume 15, Issue 22

Hot Topics PreK at the Polls While politicians and pundits debate poll results, recent polls have found a landslide of support for child care from a key constituency–parents–as well as voter support for preschool education. The extent to which survey

Volume 15, Issue 21

Hot Topics PreK on the Ballot Preschool–its benefits, its costs and its accessibility–is gaining attention from the debate stage to city hall. Republican Donald Trump has offered a tax deduction to help middle- and upper-income families recoup some c

Volume 15, Issue 20

Hot Topics Got Teachers? Meeting the needs of children during the first years of life so they can achieve their potential recently captured headlines around the world. From who should be teaching, to providing “nurturing care” and measuring outcomes, U

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