NIEER Newsletter

Volume 15, Issue 23

Hot Topics Location, location, location Much well-deserved attention has been focused on how cost can inhibit access to quality early childhood education. But a new report by Center for American Progress demonstrates that a family’s zip code can also b

Volume 15, Issue 22

Hot Topics PreK at the Polls While politicians and pundits debate poll results, recent polls have found a landslide of support for child care from a key constituency–parents–as well as voter support for preschool education. The extent to which survey

Volume 15, Issue 21

Hot Topics PreK on the Ballot Preschool–its benefits, its costs and its accessibility–is gaining attention from the debate stage to city hall. Republican Donald Trump has offered a tax deduction to help middle- and upper-income families recoup some c

Volume 15, Issue 20

Hot Topics Got Teachers? Meeting the needs of children during the first years of life so they can achieve their potential recently captured headlines around the world. From who should be teaching, to providing “nurturing care” and measuring outcomes, U

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