NIEER Newsletter

Volume 17, Issue 18

Hot Topics Worthwhile Work This week teachers and early childhood education advocates marked Worthy Wage Day—an annual effort focusing attention on underfunding of early childhood education and low wages paid to early childhood educators across the US.

Volume 17, Issue 17

Hot Topics Being There Attendance of K-12 students has long been recognized as an important indicator of student engagement with implications for achievement, but until recently attendance has received less attention in pre-K. Indeed, parents and educa

Volume 17, Issue 16

Hot Topics Accessing Current Policy-Relevant Research NIEER and the Korea Institute for Child Care and Education (KICCE) jointly edit the International Journal of Child Care and Education Policy (IJCCEP).  This journal is now distributed by Springer Op

Volume 17, Issue 15

Hot Topics Empowering the Profession The NAEYC-led Power to the Profession collaboration recently invited comments on draft recommendations for early education policy affecting young children and those who educate them. A controversial recommendation s

Volume 17, Issue 14

Hot Topics Universal Pre-K, Eh? Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne recently announced a provincial budget spending $2.2 billion over three years to make full-day licensed child care free for preschool children from the age of two-and-a-half until they are

Volume 17, Issue 13

Hot Topics From Darwin to Tasmania Early learning and childcare workers in Australia this week stayed home – with many parents doing the same out of necessity and solidarity—to demonstrate their value and demand better wages. Their union, United Voice,

Volume 17, Issue 12

Hot Topics Good News — Strong Bipartisan Support for Young Children The spending bill moving through Congress this week finances programs through September, setting the  stage for fiscal 2019 and demonstrating a resounding commitment to funding early

Volume 17, Issue 11

Hot Topics States Rights When New Jersey’s new governor laid out his first state budget this week, he put preschool in the spotlight with plans to boost funding this year–and a pledge to expand pre-K statewide within four years. Gov. Phil Murphy calle

Volume 17, Issue 10

Hot Topics Reinventing the Wheel Recent reports by the Learning Policy Institute focus on the challenges of improving preschool quality and expanding access for California’s one million young children—and recommend looking to New Jersey for solutions.

Volume 17, Issue 9

Hot Topics Teaching the Teachers Reports released this week by New America and Bellwether Education Partners tackle the issue of enhancing child outcomes by improving teacher preparation to deliver high-quality preschool experiences. “Today, expectatio

Volume 17, Issue 8

Hot Topics Superdiversity Heroes A new report from the Migration Policy Institute reveals a “superdiversity” of language and culture emerging among families of young children across the US, raising concerns about whether early education programs have t

Volume 17, Issue 7

Hot Topics Immigration Challenges As Congress struggles to find consensus on US immigration policy, a recently published Urban Institute study offers successful strategies for enabling children from low-income immigrant families to narrow the achieveme

Volume 17, Issue 6

Hot Topics Early Intervention A new study published in the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics indicates a two-minute questionnaire for parents can enhance detection of autism among toddlers, enabling early intervention at a crucial stag

Volume 17, Issue 5

Hot Topics Long-term Consequences A National Institutes of Health study published this week by JAMA Pediatrics provided new evidence that multi-year quality early education, from preschool through third grade, can promote long-term educational success

Volume 17, Issue 4

Hot Topics You Get What You Pay For A recent announcement from the Office of Head Start underscores how inadequate funding can undermine a national program dedicated to helping children and families overcome the disadvantages of poverty. As reported in

Volume 17, Issue 3

Hot Topics Lessons Learned A recent New York Times Magazine article called attention to the high expectations and low wages faced by many preschool teachers, and revived discussion over whether raising education qualifications for pre-K teachers would

Volume 17, Issue 2

Hot Topics Studies from 2017 Everyone Concerned with Early Childhood Policy Should Know IMPACTS OF EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION ON MEDIUM- AND LONG-TERM EDUCATIONAL OUTCOMES In a paper released in the journal Educational Researcher, researchers report on

Volume 17, Issue 1

Hot Topics ICYMI A study first noted here in October 2017 recently garnered renewed attention for challenging opinions about early education. Does Universal Preschool Hit the Target? Program Access and Preschool Impacts by Elizabeth U. Cascio, publishe

Volume 16, Issue 49

Hot Topics  A Right from the Start A new white paper from the Center for Educational Equity at Teachers College and the Center for Children Initiatives builds the case for a right to preschool as part of the constitutional guarantee of a free public ed

Volume 16, Issue 48

Hot Topics  Making Strides A new paper from Bellwether released this week in recognition of the 10-year anniversary of the 2007 Head Start Act, acknowledges that federal effort enhancing teacher quality while reminding us what bipartisan support for ch

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