July 7, 2023 – Volume 22, Issue 27


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School funding in Pa. has to change. Does N.J. have the answers?

Listen to NIEER Co-directors Steve Barnett and Ellen Frede on the latest episode of ‘Schooled,’ a podcast production from WHYY. A new court ruling has put pressure on policymakers to address the disparities in Pa school funding, as the current system is seen as unfair and inadequate. Could looking at New Jersey’s approach to school funding provide some insights for Pennsylvania?

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Pre-K May Be Critical to Academic Success for American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) Children

Learn about the transformative power of Universal Pre-K (UPK) for American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) students. A groundbreaking policy brief from Child Trends explores how these programs promote academic success. The authors propose that UPK deserves greater recognition as a valuable strategy for bolstering the academic achievement of AIAN students.

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Early Childhood Education and Relative Policies in China

Delve into three decades of ECE policy development in China, examining government policies and their effects on the field. From the one-child policy to curriculum reform, teacher education, and administration, discover the pros and cons. The authors highlight the evolving nature of contemporary early childhood education, influenced by socio-cultural factors, Chinese culture, politics, and Western influences. They call upon Chinese educators and policymakers to reflect on the past, emphasize cultural appropriateness, and advance early childhood education further.

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Evaluation of Midlife Educational Attainment among Attendees of a Comprehensive Early Childhood Education Program in the Context of Early Adverse Childhood Experiences

This new study finds that Child-Parent Center (CPC) programs counter negative impacts of early ACEs on education. These results underscore the potential of comprehensive ECE programs for long-term educational success and the importance of investing in such initiatives to mitigate adverse experiences. Policymakers can leverage evidence-based strategies from this study to address ACEs at scale.

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The Current Status and Future Prospects of Early Childhood Education in Saudi Arabia and in Light of Saudi Vision 2030

An in-depth study of Saudi Arabia’s early childhood education (ECE) explores policies, access, quality, challenges, and alignment with Vision 2030 goals. Findings show investments made, but limited access for disadvantaged and rural communities. Key challenges include teacher shortages and funding. Study authors advocate increased government investment, enhanced training programs, and expanded access to high-quality ECE for disadvantaged and rural populations.

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Retention and Turnover of Teaching Staff in a High-Quality Early Childhood Network

This features research across 23 schools analyzed data from 2,000 professionals (2007-2019) using survival analysis. Findings highlight positive outlook, teaching experience, infant-toddler classrooms, and Black identity as retention factors, while higher education levels correlate with higher turnover. Recommendations include positive work environment, recognition of experience, and diversity and inclusion efforts. The study offers valuable insights for improving staff retention in educational institutions and emphasizing supportive practices and policies for stable, quality early childhood education.

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The Association between 24-hour Movement Guidelines and Internalising and Externalising Behaviour Problems among Chinese Preschool Children

A new study highlights the link between adherence to 24-hour movement guidelines and behavioral problems in Chinese children 3 to 6 years of age. The study found that a higher adherence to these recommendations corresponded with a lower risk of mental health problems. Additionally, increased screen time was associated with elevated occurrence of externalizing behavioral issues. The study highlights the need for future interventions that incorporate strategies to promote adherence to these guidelines, particularly during weekends.

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