February 14, 2020 – Volume 19, Issue 7

Hot Topics
Remembering Ron Lally
“Young children everywhere — along with their families and caregivers — lost one of their best friends and most passionate champions … with the unexpected death of our dear colleague Ron Lally.”
ECE Resources
Implementing Evidence-Based Reading Practices in K–3 Classrooms
Researchers provide “an overview of … reading practices recommended in K–3 instruction based on systematic reviews and meta-analyses of classroom instruction …” and provide resources “to help practitioners implement evidence-based literacy instruction in primary grade classrooms and in intervention settings.”
Addressing Academic and Behavior Literacy across the Ages through Integrated Evidence-Based Strategies
An overview of methods to address emotional and behavioral disorders “in an effective and proactive manner while continuing to provide academic instruction” as part of a special issue of Education and Treatment of Children and Youth.
An Exploration of Language and Social-Emotional Development of Children with and without Disabilities in a Statewide Pre-Kindergarten Program
Examining differences among “typically developing children and peers with disabilities within a state-wide program that meets all 10 of National Institute for Early Education Research (Barnett et al. 2017) programmatic benchmarks for quality early learning,” researchers report children in the sample “increased their language above expected developmental trends after 1 year in the quality pre-K classroom.”
Early Education News Round-up
The week’s key stories on early childhood education. Read now.