August 4, 2023 – Volume 22, Issue 31


Join Home Grown and the Pre-K in Family Child Care Project Team (Erikson Institute, University of Delaware, and University of North Carolina Equity Action Research Coalition) and NIEER for the 🏠 Advancing Equity in Pre-K Systems: Empowering Family Child Care Providers & Families Webinar! 🧒🏡 

📅 Thursday, August 10, 2023, 1:30PM ET 

🔍 Join NIEER Assistant Research Professor Erin Harmeyer and Senior ECE Policy Specialist GG Weisenfeld, alongside others in a discussion about building a mixed-delivery pre-K system that serves diverse families by including family child care. Our recent study illustrated that fewer than 1% of providers in most pre-K systems are family child care providers. 🌟 We encourage state, county, and city leaders and pre-K advocates at various stages in your journey of including family child care in pre-K systems to join us. 

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Executive Function Skills and Classroom Behaviors of U.S. Prekindergartners with Special Needs 

🔍 Discover the Missing Puzzle in Early Learning! 🧩✨A groundbreaking study uncovers striking disparities in executive function (EF) skills among 4-year-old prekindergarten students, notably impacting those with special needs and English language learners (ELL). 📚👧📝 

Findings reveal that these children start the academic year with lower EF abilities and show slower progress compared to peers. 💡🚀 

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Iowa Uses Technology to Reduce Administrative Burden in Child Care

🚀 Iowa Leading the Way in Child Care Innovation! 🌟 Discover how they’re streamlining administrative tasks for child care providers. Opportunities Exchange showcases Iowa’s success in decreasing administrative burden and increasing efficiency in child time and attendance data submission for Child Care Assistance (CCA) reimbursement. 👶💼 With the data bridge between Playground, brightwheel, and KinderTrack (KT) launched by HHS, providers across Iowa are amazed at the ease and time saved.  

🕒 Read all about it in the brief “Iowa Leads the Way: How Modern Technology Can Improve Access to High-Quality Child Care.”  

🌟 Introducing NIEER’s BELLE Initiative: Empowering Educators of Dual Language Learners!🌈 

Our groundbreaking initiative, Building Early Learning Latiné Educators (BELLE), proudly serves Dual Language Learners (DLLs) by promoting Latiné representation in leadership roles. 🤝🎓 

Our Goals 

1️⃣ Foster a pipeline of Latiné ECE leaders through a culturally and linguistically affirming professional development model, increasing their presence in decision-making positions.  

2️⃣ Enhance recruitment and retention of Latiné educators, nurturing a diverse and inclusive workforce.  

3️⃣ Elevate the quality of bilingual acquisition support in early childhood education, empowering emergent bilinguals on their learning journey. 🌐📚 

Be a part of this transformative movement! Learn more about BELLE and make a lasting impact on early childhood education for Dual Language Learners. 🌟💫 

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Preparing Early Educators as Frontline Leaders and Change Agents with a Leadership Development Initiative 

A recent study on the impact of the Leading for Change (LfC) Leadership Development Program found it increased self-perceived leadership abilities and confidence to enact meaningful change.

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Cost-Effectiveness a Parenting Skills Program Implemented in Public PreK Schools in Disadvantaged Urban Communities 

A recent study assesses the cost-effectiveness of the Chicago Parent Program (CPP), a parent training initiative in disadvantaged urban areas. Conducted in 12 Baltimore City Title 1 schools from 2014 to 2017, CPP, costing $937.51 per child, led to a 31.4% reduction in conduct problems. Promising results underscore CPP’s potential for wide adoption. 

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The Jingle-Jangle of Approaches to Learning in Prekindergarten: a Construct with Too Many Names 

A study of the ‘Approaches to Learning’ (AtL) concept finds lack of standardization due to various interpretations and methodologies, especially for prekindergarten children. It identifies a ‘jingle fallacy’ from diverse characteristics ascribed to AtL and a ‘jangle fallacy’ from using different terms for similar constructs.

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Participation of Early Care and Education Centers in the Child Care Subsidy System: A Statewide Mixed Methods Investigation 

An Arkansas study finds a decline in early care centers accepting child care subsidies, limiting access for low-income families. Mixed methods research reveals factors like provider characteristics and state policies influencing decisions. The center’s operational and financial structure also plays a key role. The study offers insights for policymakers to formulate strategies promoting subsidy acceptance, expanding access for disadvantaged children. 


Professional Learning of Late-Career Teachers in Early Childhood Education: A Matter Of (Im)Balance Between Personal Resources, Job Resources, and Job Demands 

A study conducted in Belgium explores late-career teachers’ engagement in professional learning activities within the context of early childhood education. The study uncovers key personal resource factors and their moderating role, providing valuable insights to improve professional development programs and support systems for late-career teachers in early childhood education.  



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