Week of October 5, 2020


America’s missing kids: Amid COVID and online school, thousands of students haven’t shown up, Columbia Daily Tribune, Oct 3 2020

‘Childcare desert’: Coos Bay preschool access remains limited despite new spots, TheWorldlink.com, Oct 3 2020

NJ Parents Leaving Work To Care For Toddlers Amid COVID-19: Study, Hackettstown Patch, Oct 4 2020

Nobel Prize Winner Joins Economists in Favor of Universal Preschool Measure, WWeek, Oct 5 2020

As advocates tout preschool benefits, Colorado voters face question about funding it with tobacco tax hike, Colorado Sun, Oct 5 2020

Child Care associates re-opens 20 early education campuses, Fort Worth Business Press, Oct 5 2020

San Antonio voters will decide if Pre-K 4 SA deserves 8 more years, Rivard Report, Oct 5 2020

COVID-19 concerns lead to sharp drop in pre-K enrollment across North Texas districts, Dallas Morning News, Oct 5 2020

Dispatches from education’s front lines, Michigan.gov, Oct 5 2020

Michigan’s Early Childhood Program Among Tops in the Nation, EurekAlert!, Oct 5 2020

How long does the preschool advantage last?, Coloradoan, Oct 5 2020

This Pre-K program offers free tuition for qualifying families, Deseret Morning News, Oct 5 2020

Preschool Promise expands to C. Oregon, has more pre-K spots for families in need, SentinelColorado.com, Oct 5 2020

Advocates tout preschool benefits from proposed cigarette tax hike in Colorado, Flathead Beacon, Oct 5 2020

Report: Utah needs more early childhood mental health services, Washington Post, Oct 6 2020

Op-Ed: Pandemic presents chance to remake education, KSAT 12, Oct 6 2020

The pandemic has caused a drop in Pre-K enrollment, putting many kids at risk of falling behind, NJ Spotlight, Oct 6 2020

‘Where are the rest of you?’ With as many as 600,000 students skipping kindergarten during the pandemic, districts plead with parents not to delay, CW33 NewsFix, Oct 6 2020

North Carolina child care programs to get $35M in state grants, LA School Report, Oct 6 2020

Childcare Advocates: Pandemic Illuminates Need for Public Funding, Expanded Access, Ashe Mountain Times, Oct 6 2020

Is it safe for a baby or toddler to stay at day care centers during the COVID-19 pandemic?, KCRW News, Oct 7 2020

The Implementation and Scaling of an Early Education Program, Texas Medical Center Documents, Oct 7 2020

New Survey Highlights Impact of COVID-19 on Young DLLs in California, New America Foundation, Oct 7 2020

Never a Better Time to Lift Up Georgia’s Pre-K Program, SaportaReport, Oct 7 2020

Multnomah County, Portland Voters Consider Campaign Finance Limits, Universal Preschool, Psilocybin, Skanner, Oct 7 2020

Study reveals wide shortage, huge cost of child care in Orange County, Orange County Register, Oct 7 2020

865,000 Women Left the Workforce This Month, Proving Working Parents Need Help During the Ongoing Pandemic, Parents.com, Oct 7 2020

Colorado Voters To Decide On Nicotine Tax Increase And A Minimum Price For Cigarettes With Proposition EE, Colorado Public Radio, Oct 8 2020

Preparing Pre-K classrooms for remote instruction could cost millions, WCNC, Oct 8 2020

Cd’A allows for temporary child care licenses amid COVID, CDA Press, Oct 8 2020

There’s a Scarcity of Child Care for Working-Class Families in Orange County, State Commission Report Finds, NBC Los Angeles, Oct 8 2020

New study finds that  affordable child care is tough to find in Orange County, New Santa Ana, Oct 8 2020