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Behind the Numbers: How State Preschool Has Changed Since 2002

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Allison Friedman-Krauss, Ph.D. and Steven Barnett Ph.D.

NIEER released its 16th State of Preschool report this week, once again providing information on enrollment, spending, and policies, especially those related to quality. This is a complex report and so we have written this blog to help readers get behi

Being the Change

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Melissa Dahlin

Nationwide, in states, professionally, and personally, 2017 has been a nonstop barrage of changes—leading both myself and other early learning colleagues to ask how we can be active agents shaping change rather than passive receivers enduring it. Liste

The Great Pretender

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Jim Squires, Ph.D.

I have yet to meet anyone whose childhood dream was to become an early education leader. Yet, we are fortunate to be surrounded by many fitting that description. Paths to this leadership role are as varied and unique as the people in such positions. So

Video – Preschool: America’s Best Investment

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Preschool: America’s Best Investment Can investing in high-quality early education reduce the demand for high-cost special education, social welfare and criminal justice systems? NIEER Director Steve Barnett makes this point in this new video, which fe