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We talk a lot about how we have strong, bipartisan support for high-quality preschool in the United States.  Across red states and blue states (and even “purple” states), legislators, governors, researchers, advocates and parents recognize the benefits

The Solution for the Workforce Dilemma is the Public Schools

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Jason Sachs New America

To facilitate interaction among ideas presented in New America’s “Moving Beyond False Choices for Early Childhood Educators,” Series Editor Stacie G. Goffin provides opening comments. For readers new to the Series, her introduction explains the Series’

The State of Preschool 2011: On the Edge of a Crisis

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Video – Preschool: America’s Best Investment

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Preschool: America’s Best Investment Can investing in high-quality early education reduce the demand for high-cost special education, social welfare and criminal justice systems? NIEER Director Steve Barnett makes this point in this new video, which fe