Forget the Tea Party — The Milk Party Has Arrived!

Think the Children’s Movement of Florida is just another garden variety advocacy effort? You’re likely to think again after watching what could be the most compelling 15 minutes of video ever produced making the case for putting children at the top of our priority list. It incorporates five issues of the movement’s focus, the 4 ½-minute “I Am Florida” video, a portion of the CNN national story seen by millions of people, and highlights from the Milk Party rallies in which 15,000 Floridians participated.

Anyone who has worked with David Lawrence, Jr., the children’s advocate, retired publisher of The Miami Herald, and spark plug behind the movement knows he is an able executive. Here we see Lawrence and his fellow advocates crisscrossing the state aboard the smartly decked out Children’s Movement bus that served as a mobile command center for the milk party tour. The milk party designation the group chose was an inspired move. It speaks both to the grassroots nature of the movement and the impressive momentum Lawrence and his associates built as they pulled into town after town to the enthusiastic support of large crowds. Some have wondered if the milk party might spread to other states — possibly even become a national movement. Only time — and the actions of other advocates and concerned citizens across the country — will tell.

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