2011 Yearbook Interactive Data

The State Preschool Yearbook 2011 caps ten years of research on enrollment, spending, and quality standards, which you can now view visually thanks to Google Motion. This tool allows you to chart two variables and see the changes over a ten year period through an animation. You can also change the size and color of the data points based on other variables.

Variables have already been loaded, and include:

  • State
  • Year
  • Percent of 4-year-olds enrolled
  • Percent of 3- and 4-year-olds enrolled
  • State Spending Per Child (2011 dollars)
  • Total Enrollment, All Ages
  • 4-year-old Census population
  • Statewide Quality Standards Benchmarks

Just select the variables you want from the drop down menus along the X and Y axes, and hit play to see the difference a decade can make.

You can also select particular states of interest from the menu on the right; these states will be highlighted in the animation.

Google Motion 2011 Yearbook Interactive Data Screenshot

An asterik (*) next to a state name indicates that state had multiple state-funded pre-K programs for some part of the decade.

View our data trends on your own using Google Motion.

For questions on this tool, please contact Megan Carolan (mcarolan@nieer.org).