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Who Makes More Than Who in New York

April 2, 2003 Workforce
Janny Scott

But who knew that fitness trainers and aerobics instructors make almost as much as sociologists and nearly twice as much as preschool teachers? The average for child care workers was $10.01, preschool teachers $13.50 and maids and housekeepers $13.66.

Child care work varies

March 2, 2003 Workforce
Aïssatou Sidimé

Child care is one of the few fields in which a worker can start with a high school diploma or GED so long as he or she enrolls in at least a child development associate degree (CDA) program offered by community colleges. But pay varies widely depending on a worker’s training.

Day Care Centers Plan 1-Day Strike

February 7, 2003 Workforce
Ellen Yan

Workers at the city’s 358 publicly funded day care centers plan to stage a one-day strike on Wednesday, upending 50,000 children of working parents. The unions, in part, want to reduce the high turnover of day care teachers, who often leave for better paying school jobs once they get licenses and certification.

Opinion: We pay more to park cars than to care for children

November 10, 2002 Workforce
Judith H. Chase

In Pennsylvania, early childhood workers are better educated than the general population — classroom head teachers at licensed centers are required to have post high school degrees — yet they cannot command competitive salaries. A recent legislative survey found that degreed child care teachers earn $16,556, on average, and aides earn $11,427.

New study says public pre-K teachers better off than private ones

October 23, 2002 Workforce
Linda Jacobson

Prekindergarten teachers who work in schools and other publicly operated settings are better-qualified, get higher pay, and stay in their jobs longer than those who work in classrooms operated by private organizations, a study concludes. “Inside the Pre-K Classroom,” a study conducted by the Washington-based Center for the Child Care Workforce, found that salaries and…

Day Care Teachers Threaten Strike

October 9, 2002 Economics and FinanceWorkforce
Michael Wilson

Workers who care for 60,000 children in New York City-sponsored day care have threatened to strike later this month because they have been unable to get a new contract. The city has said it does not have the money for pay raises, since it anticipates a $5 billion budget gap.

Smart Start is helping build better child care, reducing turnover

October 9, 2002 OutcomesWorkforce
Kerri Fivecoat-Campbel

The United Way says that high staff turnover in early-childhood education centers is detrimental to children’s ability to establish positive and secure bonds with their caregivers. That, in turn, can have a negative impact on their development.

Day-care workers in Utah unfit?

September 25, 2002 Workforce
James Thalman

Study assails lack of training, terrible pay, state's inaction

Early childhood educators say work is tough, but rewarding

September 18, 2002 Workforce
Jilian Mincer

The pay is low and demands are high, but like many in early childhood education, [educator Penny] Clay loves what she does. That work, she notes, goes beyond most people’s notions of baby-sitting or day care.

Opinion: Preschool progress in New Jersey

September 6, 2002 State & LocalWorkforce

New Jersey is finally serious about getting it right