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Preschool study lauds Illinois, downplays Missouri

March 19, 2008 AccessEconomics and FinanceQuality and CurriculumState & LocalState Pre-K Evaluations
Steve Giegerich

Illinois ranked first in the nation for providing access to 3-year-olds and 12th for providing access to 4-year-olds. The state also fared well on quality, meeting nine of 10 academic benchmarks in areas such as class size, and the number of qualified teachers and aides in classrooms.

State Pre-K program leads pack, but study results are mixed

February 24, 2008 AccessOutcomesQuality and CurriculumState & LocalState Pre-K EvaluationsUniversal and Targeted
Natalia Mielczarek

The voluntary, full-day program, provided mostly through public school districts, currently targets 17,000 children who live in poverty. Gov. Phil Bredesen wants to expand the program next year by $25 million and 250 classrooms and ultimately offer it to all Tennessee 4-year-olds.

Editorial: Alabama must support pre-K to move forward

November 11, 2007 Economics and FinanceQuality and CurriculumState & LocalState Pre-K Evaluations

Educators and researchers are nearly unanimous in agreeing that a high-quality pre-school program gives children a better chance to succeed. That’s why most forward-looking people endorse publicly funded pre-kindergarten classes for at-risk 4-year-olds.

La. program praised for 4-year-olds focus

October 31, 2007 AccessGovernance and AccountabilityQuality and CurriculumState & LocalState Pre-K Evaluations
Will Sentell

Louisiana’s public school classes for 4-year-olds won some praise Tuesday in a new report, but the state’s program remains well behind top efforts in the South. The findings are part of a study issued by the Southern Regional Education Board, which tracks education trends in Louisiana and 15 other states.

Early childhood programs in city draw raves

October 26, 2007 OutcomesState & LocalState Pre-K EvaluationsWorkforce
Ginnie Graham

Tulsa's sites stood out as having better results in nearly every category.

Opinion: N.J. needs more preschool success

October 19, 2007 OutcomesState & LocalState Pre-K Evaluations
Peter K. Classen

New Jersey’s substantial investment in early childhood education through the Abbott preschool program is producing results. The National Institute for Early Education Research recently reported that the learning gains children made in preschool continued into elementary school.

The Preschool Question: Who Gets to Go?

August 22, 2007 AccessOutcomesState & LocalState Pre-K EvaluationsUniversal and Targeted
Maria Glod

Va. Expansion Efforts Highlight Debate

Study: Learning aided by pre-kindergarten programs

August 2, 2007 AccessState & LocalState Pre-K Evaluations
Barry Massey, Associated Press

New Mexico’s pre-kindergarten program has helped children improve their early learning in language, math and the development of literacy skills, according to a study of the first year of the educational initiative. Gov. Bill Richardson released the study Thursday and urged next year’s Legislature to continue expanding the program to make preschool services available to…

Editorial: Preschool: A sound investment

July 3, 2007 OutcomesState & LocalState Pre-K Evaluations
Barry H. Cole

The large-scale, statewide study was based on 2,300 children who attended preschool in New Jersey’s poorest districts. It found that students who attended preschool in Abbott districts “fared significantly better as they moved through kindergarten.”

Editorial: Evidence for the Abbotts

June 18, 2007 OutcomesState & LocalState Pre-K Evaluations

The news is heartening: A study of 2,300 children from the state’s neediest school districts shows children who attended state-funded preschool programs in poor districts did substantially better than other kids in kindergarten.