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Alabama’s first class pre-K named nation’s best pre-K program for tenth year in a row

May 13, 2016 Governance and AccountabilityOutcomesQuality and CurriculumSpecial EducationState & LocalState Pre-K Evaluations
Press Release

For the tenth year in a row, Alabama’s state-funded, high-quality and voluntary First Class Pre-K program was named the nation’s highest quality pre-kindergarten program. Today’s announcement was made by the National Institute for Early Childhood Education, which annually ranks state pre-k programs for quality based on ten measures. Alabama’s voluntary pre-k program is one of…

Head Start among programs boosted in proposed White House budget

February 10, 2016 AccessEconomics and FinanceGovernance and AccountabilityQuality and CurriculumSpecial EducationState & Local
Christina Samuels

The Obama administration’s proposed budget for fiscal 2017 would provide more money for early-childhood efforts through a variety of programs. 

At the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College Preschool, inclusive education a priority

November 16, 2015 Quality and CurriculumSpecial Education
Carly Hanson

The Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College Preschool at ASU has seen positive results following its relocation to collaborate with the Department of Speech and Hearing Science at the Tempe campus. Executive Director Allison Mullady said the school’s move from the Farmer Education Building to the Community Services Building  North of Papago Park  in July 2014 was primarily intended to…

Early-learning specialists help prep kids for kindergarten

June 26, 2015 Quality and CurriculumSpecial EducationState & Local
Jessica Bock, AP

Even at age 4, Everett Baldwin Jr. was more than the staff at Brighter DayCare and Preschool could handle. In his classroom, he was always on the move. He had more problems than other children his age with sharing and completing tasks. He preferred to play alone… Organizations such as United 4 Children will send…

Early childhood programs found to significantly lower likelihood of special education placements in third grade

February 4, 2015 AccessOutcomesQuality and CurriculumSpecial Education
Science Newsline

Access to state-supported early childhood programs significantly reduces the likelihood that children will be placed in special education in the third grade, academically benefiting students and resulting in considerable cost savings to school districts, according to new research published today in Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Educational Research Association. The…

Pre-K pays off by lowering special ed placements

February 4, 2015 Economics and FinanceQuality and CurriculumSpecial Education
William Huntsberry

Attending state-funded prekindergarten substantially reduces the likelihood that students will end up in special education programs later on, according to a new study by researchers at Duke University. The study examined 13 years’ worth of data from students enrolled in More at Four, a state-funded program for 4-year-olds in North Carolina. By the third grade, the researchers found,…

Preschoolers with special needs may gain from ‘inclusion’ classrooms

July 31, 2014 OutcomesQuality and CurriculumSpecial Education
Mary Elizabeth Dallas

Preschoolers with special needs benefit from going to school with children who have strong language skills, according to a new study. Classmates with higher-level language abilities promote language growth in children with disabilities, researchers found. On the other hand, development of language could be delayed if their classmates have weak language skills, they said.  …

Invest early in all our children

May 1, 2014 AccessQuality and CurriculumSpecial Education
MaryLee Allen & Daniel Hains

As we expand access to early childhood education, we must recognize that children with special needs will require more intensive support than others.

The recession dealt a blow to early childhood education

January 21, 2014 AccessEconomics and FinanceQuality and CurriculumSpecial EducationState & Local
Bryce Covert

While spending on early childhood education got a federal boost with stimulus funds, those have run out and funding has seen big drops since the recession, according to a new report from the New America Foundation. Funding saw a high of nearly $33 billion from the 2009 stimulus bill, which injected states with an extra $11.2 billion…

6 States Receive $280M In Early Learning Grants

December 19, 2013 Quality and CurriculumSpecial Education
Kimberly Hefling

Six states were announced as winners Thursday of a combined $280 million in government grants to improve early learning programs for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. The winning states in the Race to the Top-Early Challenge competition were Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Vermont. The winners were announced by the Education and Health and Human…