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Academic struggles of girls often go undetected for years

November 10, 2003 Quality and CurriculumSpecial Education
Kent Fischer

Independent studies in three states and three foreign countries all found that learning disabilities occur with nearly equal frequency in boys and girls. So when it comes to diagnosing learning disabilities such as dyslexia, where are all the girls?

Very Special Ed

November 9, 2003 Quality and CurriculumSpecial Education
Susan Brenna

When parents go searching for a quality preschool, they are advised by experts to seek a low ratio of children to teachers, a stable and reasonably well-paid staff that doesn’t keep quitting, individualized teaching and small-group activities. But all those qualities can currently be found in an unexpected place: public preschool classrooms like Brick’s, which…

Editorial: Better teachers give poor preschoolers best head start

October 3, 2003 OutcomesQuality and CurriculumSpecial EducationWorkforce

Yes, upgrading the education requirements for Head Start teachers is expensive. But the money spent to improve students’ education on the front end could be recaptured on the back end by reducing the amount the federal government spends on high school remedial and special education.

Preschool on bond wish list

September 30, 2003 English Language LearnersOutcomesQuality and CurriculumSpecial Education
T. Keung Hui

Pre-kindergarten / Wake wants new center

Preschool cutbacks bring a stern caution

July 27, 2003 Economics and FinanceQuality and CurriculumSpecial EducationState & Local
John McElhenny

Eliminating funds called shortsighted

Colorado cuts cash for kids

May 26, 2003 Quality and CurriculumSpecial EducationState & Local
Janet Simons and Alison Glass

State, once a pioneer for preschools, now 'completely bypassed'

Preschoolers are mentors, friends to special-ed classmates

April 30, 2003 Quality and CurriculumSpecial Education
Angie Brunkow

This Omaha Public Schools preschool program is an integrated classroom that combines 10 special-education children with 10 neighborhood kids. The classroom operates as a normal preschool, though students probably get more one-on-one attention because four adults are present.

Schools look to close student gaps

April 21, 2003 English Language LearnersQuality and CurriculumSpecial Education
Michelle Krupa

Disabled pupils making headway

Planning together

March 26, 2003 Quality and CurriculumSpecial Education
Karen Garrison

Special Ed co-op and playschool work together