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Business Leaders Warn of Early Learning Gap

May 7, 2003 Quality and Curriculum
Press Release

Urge States, Federal Government to Build High-Quality Early Childhood Education Programs

Preschoolers are mentors, friends to special-ed classmates

April 30, 2003 Quality and CurriculumSpecial Education
Angie Brunkow

This Omaha Public Schools preschool program is an integrated classroom that combines 10 special-education children with 10 neighborhood kids. The classroom operates as a normal preschool, though students probably get more one-on-one attention because four adults are present.

Schools look to close student gaps

April 21, 2003 English Language LearnersQuality and CurriculumSpecial Education
Michelle Krupa

Disabled pupils making headway

Planning together

March 26, 2003 Quality and CurriculumSpecial Education
Karen Garrison

Special Ed co-op and playschool work together

Most of state’s child-care centers bad to so-so

March 2, 2003 Quality and Curriculum
Dean Mosiman and Sandra Kallio

One of every nine child-care centers in Wisconsin is awful, and most of the rest are just mediocre, according to the latest research. Child-care advocates, however, say the budget cuts would make it harder for parents to find good-quality child care.

Report faults region’s early education

December 12, 2002 OutcomesQuality and Curriculum
Carmen J. Lee

A regional education agency has once again criticized the lack of quality instruction for younger children in southwestern Pennsylvania. In its fourth annual “state of education” report for the region, the Education Policy & Issues Center also linked inconsistent early childhood education to the lackluster academic performance of many students later in school.

Expert: Preschool Makes A Difference

November 19, 2002 OutcomesQuality and Curriculum
David Robinson

An early childhood education expert assured the state Board of Education on Monday that early education programs make a difference for neglected children, but they must be high quality. “They will stay in school longer, go to college, and they make more money,” said Robert Bradley, of the Educational Leadership Department at the University of…

Development classes worth it, report says

November 13, 2002 OutcomesQuality and Curriculum
Allison L. Bruce

Benefits long-lasting, South Carolina education chief says

Kindergarten less playful as pressure to achieve grows

October 20, 2002 AssessmentQuality and Curriculum
Karen Brandon

Kindergarten teachers nationwide say the test-driven education reform at state and federal levels is leading to changes in kindergarten that set unrealistically high achievement goals. The instruction techniques that early childhood education experts say are ideal for learning frequently are derided as “just play” by administrators and policymakers pushing what they consider to be more…

Pa Governor Launches Historic Quality-Improvement Program for Child-Care Providers

September 12, 2002 Quality and Curriculum

Pennsylvania has launched a new quality-improvement program for child-care providers, with the highest level reflecting standards of the National Association for the Education of the Young Children (NAEYC). Administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare (DPW), Keystone Stars will assist in the improvement of quality beyond the minimum health and safety requirements set by…