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$5.8 Million Federal Grant to Develop First Integrated Head Start Curriculum for Urban Preschoolers

October 28, 2003 Governance and AccountabilityQuality and CurriculumState & Local

Researchers at [the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education] GSE plan to develop a first-ever integrated curriculum for preschoolers in Head Start classrooms across the country–encompassing literacy, numeracy and both school and social readiness skills. Funded with a $5.8 million federal grant over five years, this project will be the first effort U.S. educators…

Pre-K plan: small classes, 6 hours a day

October 22, 2003 Governance and AccountabilityQuality and CurriculumState & Local
Associated Press

An advisory council releases a proposal for implementing a constitutional amendment that voters approved last year.

Editorial: Better teachers give poor preschoolers best head start

October 3, 2003 OutcomesQuality and CurriculumSpecial EducationWorkforce

Yes, upgrading the education requirements for Head Start teachers is expensive. But the money spent to improve students’ education on the front end could be recaptured on the back end by reducing the amount the federal government spends on high school remedial and special education.

Preschool on bond wish list

September 30, 2003 English Language LearnersOutcomesQuality and CurriculumSpecial Education
T. Keung Hui

Pre-kindergarten / Wake wants new center

New President Named at High/Scope Educational Research Foundation

September 25, 2003 Economics and FinanceOutcomesQuality and Curriculum

The High/Scope Educational Research Foundation today announced that it has named Dr. Larry Schweinhart as the organization’s next president. [Dr. Schweinhart led] the High/Scope Perry Preschool Project — the landmark study establishing the great human and financial potential of high-quality early childhood programs.

“Bachelor’s Degrees Are The Best” for Raising Pre-Kindergarten Quality

September 23, 2003 OutcomesQuality and CurriculumWorkforce

According to New Trust for Early Education Report

Teacher Quality

September 17, 2003 Quality and CurriculumWorkforce
Melissa McCabe

Effective teachers are capable of inspiring significantly greater learning gains in their students when compared with their weaker colleagues. Teacher quality is a priority area in education policy.

Zigler debates Head Start changes

September 15, 2003 Governance and AccountabilityQuality and CurriculumState & Local
Regina Kim

As the federally-funded preschool program Head Start continues to face scrutiny by lawmakers, Edward Zigler, the initiative’s founder, warned Friday that proposed changes to the program will threaten its quality. The program, which prepares low-income children for school, faces reauthorization this year, and some lawmakers have proposed turning its control over to eight states to…

Opinion: Plenty of models, scant funding for improved child care

September 6, 2003 Economics and FinanceQuality and Curriculum
Joan Fitzgerald

In the same way, high quality child care is something that all families need today, because both parents typically work. But more substantial funding will flow only when broad constituencies are mobilized.

Quebec lags behind in schooling 4-year-olds

August 29, 2003 AccessQuality and CurriculumUniversal and Targeted
Allison Lampert

Less than 20% $5 day-care program competes with prekindergarten classes