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Assessment praises New Mexico’s pre-K progress

May 16, 2016 AccessEconomics and FinanceGovernance and AccountabilityQuality and CurriculumState & Local
Kim Burgess

 New Mexico has made strides on pre-kindergarten education, climbing from 28th to 18th in the nation for spending on pre-K programs. The new 2015 State Preschool Yearbook, released last week by Rutgers University’s National Institute of Early Education Research, complimented the state’s “significant progress through a concerted effort to increase enrollment and funding and improve…

Districts revamp pre-K in hopes of closing achievement gaps

May 13, 2016 AccessEconomics and FinanceOutcomesQuality and Curriculum
Melissa B. Taboada

After seeing minimal academic improvement among its youngest learners, the Manor school district is pumping an additional $1.2 million into its prekindergarten program. Beginning in August, the 4-year-olds enrolled in prekindergarten will get a full day of class, as the district does away with half-day pre-K programs and adds more one-on-one time, more science and…

Report: Virginia needs to do better on early education

May 13, 2016 AccessGovernance and AccountabilityQuality and CurriculumState & Local
Dan Heyman

Virginia isn’t doing a good job on early education, according to a new report that says the state continues to lose ground, both in terms of access and funding. Steve Barnett, director for the National Institute for Early Education Research at Rutgers University, is one of the authors of “The State of Preschool 2015.” He…

Rutgers University report Vermont ranks 2nd in pre-K access

May 13, 2016 AccessEconomics and FinanceQuality and CurriculumState & Local
Lola Duffort

Vermont is No. 2 in the country for access to pre-kindergarten, according to a new Rutgers University report — and quality standards, though lagging last year, are expected to improve with the implementation of Act 166 this fall. Access to high-quality preschool is growing modestly nationwide, according to the annual State of Preschool report published…

We need a deeper dive into pre-K

May 13, 2016 AccessEconomics and FinanceOutcomesQuality and Curriculum
Sara Mead

An important report on state-funded pre-K nationally showcases the need for more data on locally driven pre-K programs.

Alabama’s first class pre-K named nation’s best pre-K program for tenth year in a row

May 13, 2016 Governance and AccountabilityOutcomesQuality and CurriculumSpecial EducationState & LocalState Pre-K Evaluations
Press Release

For the tenth year in a row, Alabama’s state-funded, high-quality and voluntary First Class Pre-K program was named the nation’s highest quality pre-kindergarten program. Today’s announcement was made by the National Institute for Early Childhood Education, which annually ranks state pre-k programs for quality based on ten measures. Alabama’s voluntary pre-k program is one of…

At this rate, it will be a very long time before every child gets access to preschool

May 13, 2016 AccessEconomics and FinanceGovernance and AccountabilityOutcomesQuality and CurriculumState & LocalUniversal and Targeted
Rebecca Klein

We’re making progress, but we need to do better.

At this rate, it will take 150 years to enroll 75 percent of U.S. kids in quality preschool

May 13, 2016 AccessEconomics and FinanceGovernance and AccountabilityOutcomesQuality and CurriculumState & Local
Valerie Strauss

Universal quality pre-kindergarten has been gaining support around the country for years now, with solid research showing that it has real and lasting benefits for children — despite what critics argue. But, according to a new report, there is a real problem  — while states are making real progress, others are moving at a snail’s…

What happens when a nursing home and a day care center share a roof?

May 11, 2016 AccessOutcomesQuality and Curriculum

 A new report due out later this week from the National Institute on Early Education Research finds that a number of states are struggling to find ways to improve access to high quality pre-kindergarten. Tonight, we look at a unique approach taken by a preschool in Seattle, Washington. It’s giving children life lessons that go…

Early education is a worthwhile investment

May 9, 2016 AccessQuality and Curriculum
Editorial Board

A recent study from the Stanford Center for Education Policy Analysis highlights how students’ socioeconomic status and race relate to their educational development, according to an April 29 New York Times article. The study indicates that students low on the socioeconomic spectrum perform as much as three grade levels behind where they should be. It…