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Celebrating Our Preschool Success

April 10, 2018 OutcomesState & Local
David Sciarra, W. Steven Barnett, Cecilia Zalkind

Twenty years ago, New Jersey pioneered high-quality preschool for children in poor communities to prepare them for kindergarten. Today, this program has revolutionized the delivery of early education in our state and has improved school readiness and outcomes for at-risk children. Legal, education, and social-justice advocates recently gathered to mark this milestone during a conference…

California’s preschools are deeply segregated, new report finds

October 14, 2016 AccessOutcomes
Deepa Fernandes

Preschools around the United States and in California are deeply segregated, a new report from Penn State finds. Around the country, white children are overwhelmingly going to preschool with only other white children, and more than half of all black and Latino children under five attend preschool where 90 percent of the students are children…

The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Child-Care Problem

October 14, 2016 AccessEconomics and FinanceOutcomes
Elizabeth Dias

Meredith and Paul Tweed did their best to plan for parenting. They had successfully timed the birth of their first son, now 5, for the beginning of summer, since Meredith’s job as a university instructor did not offer paid maternity leave. When fall came, the Longwood, Fla., couple found an in-home child-care provider who charged…

Early start makes a difference

September 19, 2016 Outcomes
Ooi May Sim

It is never too early to get children started on learning. Studies show that a child’s physical, intellectual, social and emotional growth develops exponentially in the first six years of her life. Of course, learning begins from the time a child is born – some people even argue that it starts from the time a…

Dallas ISD’s pre-K enrollment hits 11,000 for the first time

September 9, 2016 AccessOutcomes
Corbett Smith

After recent concerns about meeting enrollment projections, Dallas ISD’s early childhood program had good news to give to trustees during Thursday’s board briefing. The pre-K program hit its revised goal of adding 700 new students and now has an enrollment over 11,000 students for the first time in district history. “Obviously, that makes us tremendously…

Hillary Clinton’s Preschool Revolution

September 7, 2016 AccessAssessmentEconomics and FinanceOutcomesUniversal and Targeted
Lillian Mongeau

For the first time in U.S. history, Americans may be about to elect a president whose signature issue is early childhood. “If we want our children to thrive in tomorrow’s economy, we must invest in our children’s future today, starting with our youngest learners, especially those from our most vulnerable and at-risk communities,” Hillary Clinton…

Goodnight, pre-K gap

September 1, 2016 AssessmentOutcomes
Yahoo! News

For at least a half century, the United States has tried to better prepare young children for kindergarten, especially those from poor and minority households. The results have been rarely encouraging. The gap in readiness for school among children by both race and income seemed as gloomy as Eeyore. That is, until researchers, sifting through…

To fix America’s child care, let’s look at the past

August 31, 2016 Outcomes
Corey Shdaimah

In what might be the most contentious election campaign season yet, the main presidential candidates seem to agree on at least one issue – that the policy around child care for American families needs improvement. Donald Trump has said he would expand tax credits to enable families to better afford child care, and Hillary Clinton…

New York City offers a model for early education

August 23, 2016 AccessAssessmentOutcomesQuality and CurriculumUniversal and Targeted
Reggie Dogan

During the first few years of life, a child learns so much about themselves and the world around them, and parents are their first teachers. Parents, at their best, teach their children how to speak, how to walk, how to feed themselves. They teach them the alphabet, shapes and colors, and in some instances how to…

Our children, our future – bridging the partisan divide

August 2, 2016 AccessGovernance and AccountabilityOutcomesQuality and CurriculumState & Local
Mark Shriver

Our children’s future is our future, and therefore a crucial element to consider when solving the challenges facing our nation. Studies show the human brain develops most rapidly between birth and age 5, yet almost all public investments in children happen after the age of 5. We cannot let our nation’s leaders forget this as…