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Preschool Program Offers Promise of Bright Future at Decatur, Arkansas School

November 11, 2002 Outcomes
Meghan Gordon

A new prekindergarten program at a local elementary school means improvements districtwide and higher test scores in the future.

Learning In Mixed Company

October 19, 2002 AccessOutcomesUniversal and Targeted
Carolyn Moreau

Study Shows Low-Income Preschoolers Learn Better, Faster Alongside More Affluent Peers

Smart Start is helping build better child care, reducing turnover

October 9, 2002 OutcomesWorkforce
Kerri Fivecoat-Campbel

The United Way says that high staff turnover in early-childhood education centers is detrimental to children’s ability to establish positive and secure bonds with their caregivers. That, in turn, can have a negative impact on their development.

All-Day Kindergarten Posts Big Gains

October 1, 2002 Outcomes

An intensive and expensive all-day kindergarten program in Montgomery County, Maryland has produced significant gains for poor children and helped them begin to catch up with higher-performing peers, a new study to be released today shows. Further, the report found that both poor and middle-class students in high-poverty schools — contrary to expectation — either…

Kindergarten’s Not Mandatory, but It’s Crucial

September 25, 2002 Outcomes
Solomon Moore

First-graders who don’t go to kindergarten are typically behind their peers in their academic and social development, and are more likely to flunk a grade in elementary school, educators say. The trouble is, making kindergarten mandatory costs money.

Opinion: Preschool is a no-brainer — it’s smart for everyone

September 4, 2002 Outcomes
Myriam Marquez

The Florida pre-K amendment is not only smart politics — it’s educationally sound. Every major study has shown that children who receive quality preschool do better in later grades than their peers who didn’t get exposed to learning the alphabet or solving basic addition problems and the like.

Detroit preschool seeks college-bound toddlers

August 30, 2002 Outcomes
Bill Johnson

The opening of the Detroit school coincides with a survey released this month by the National Institute for Early Education Research at Rutgers University. It found that 76 percent of those polled say children exposed to high-quality preschool programs are more self-confident and better adjusted; 73 percent believe they perform better when they reach elementary…

Poll Shows Ohio Law Enforcement Leaders Want More Federal Money for Educational Child Care to Prevent Crime

August 29, 2002 Outcomes

Poll results released today show that Ohio’s law enforcement leaders want Congress to increase funds for preschool education so children are better prepared for school and less likely to become criminals later in life. Eight out of ten of the police chiefs, sheriffs and prosecuting attorneys agreed with the statement, “providing quality child care for…

Tobacco tax lifts Merced preschools

August 21, 2002 Outcomes
Mike Conway

California’s 50-cent-per-pack tax on cigarettes pays for the “booster” class that preschool students on the year-round schedule can take during their breaks. The research shows that children with a year or two of preschool adjust to regular school better than their peers.

Funds allow Florida county to tackle pre-k learning

August 17, 2002 OutcomesState & Local
Lisa Woods

About 900 preschoolers in St. Johns County, Florida are attending pre-kindergarten and receiving other education services for young children through a new $3.2 million state program. Educators in Ponte Vedra Beach said the early childhood education will help children become successful later on and help them create the brain matter needed for achievement on tests…