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Getting a head start on kindergarten

March 4, 2003 OutcomesState & Local
Diane D’Amico

Preschool was a focal point of the Abbott v. Burke legal decision, which designated 30 urban school districts for special state assistance. A Rutgers study found children in urban districts who did not attend preschool arrived in kindergarten developmentally as much as 18 months behind their peers.

Asselin: Fund youth programs

February 26, 2003 Outcomes
Joe Rankin

Skowhegan police chief ready for Washington lobbying trip

Opinion: Kids, Parents Need Early Boost

January 23, 2003 Outcomes

Kids Reap Many Benefits Of Early Childhood Education, But Parent Involvement Is A Pivotal Factor

Study shows preschool can prevent abuse

January 21, 2003 Outcomes

According to a new study by researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, this type of learning environment does more than strengthen skills – it helps cut the rate at which enrolled children will be abused or neglected by their parents or caregivers. The findings, published in the current issue of the journal Child Development, provide…

Letter to the Editor: Can Maryland Close the Achievement Gap?

December 24, 2002 Outcomes
Mark K. Shriver

Yes. The answer is to create and fund universal public preschool programs.

Report faults region’s early education

December 12, 2002 OutcomesQuality and Curriculum
Carmen J. Lee

A regional education agency has once again criticized the lack of quality instruction for younger children in southwestern Pennsylvania. In its fourth annual “state of education” report for the region, the Education Policy & Issues Center also linked inconsistent early childhood education to the lackluster academic performance of many students later in school.

Research bolsters economic case for preschools

November 21, 2002 Economics and FinanceOutcomes
Peggy O'Crowley

Educators long have known that high-quality child care pays off in better classroom performance and later on in better jobs. Now new research indicates it also pays off in actual dollars, an attractive carrot for taxpayers, according to a new report released by a Rutgers University think tank.

Expert: Preschool Makes A Difference

November 19, 2002 OutcomesQuality and Curriculum
David Robinson

An early childhood education expert assured the state Board of Education on Monday that early education programs make a difference for neglected children, but they must be high quality. “They will stay in school longer, go to college, and they make more money,” said Robert Bradley, of the Educational Leadership Department at the University of…

At-risk kids catch up in preschool

November 13, 2002 Outcomes
Bill Robinson

South Carolina Education Department study finds early schooling offsets disadvantages

Development classes worth it, report says

November 13, 2002 OutcomesQuality and Curriculum
Allison L. Bruce

Benefits long-lasting, South Carolina education chief says