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Editorial: Better teachers give poor preschoolers best head start

October 3, 2003 OutcomesQuality and CurriculumSpecial EducationWorkforce

Yes, upgrading the education requirements for Head Start teachers is expensive. But the money spent to improve students’ education on the front end could be recaptured on the back end by reducing the amount the federal government spends on high school remedial and special education.

Preschool on bond wish list

September 30, 2003 English Language LearnersOutcomesQuality and CurriculumSpecial Education
T. Keung Hui

Pre-kindergarten / Wake wants new center

New President Named at High/Scope Educational Research Foundation

September 25, 2003 Economics and FinanceOutcomesQuality and Curriculum

The High/Scope Educational Research Foundation today announced that it has named Dr. Larry Schweinhart as the organization’s next president. [Dr. Schweinhart led] the High/Scope Perry Preschool Project — the landmark study establishing the great human and financial potential of high-quality early childhood programs.

Preschoolers’ diets tied to mental woes, study says

September 25, 2003 Outcomes
Valerie Reitman

When it comes to adults’ mental health, their early education and nutrition may have more impact than experts previously thought. Preschool programs that provide exercise, enriched instruction and hot meals with fish or meat may stave off mental illness and crime patterns that might otherwise occur in early adulthood, a study led by a University…

“Bachelor’s Degrees Are The Best” for Raising Pre-Kindergarten Quality

September 23, 2003 OutcomesQuality and CurriculumWorkforce

According to New Trust for Early Education Report

Preschool begins for students, families

September 16, 2003 Economics and FinanceOutcomesState & Local
Carrie Watters

$1.2 million from Illinois creates 11 classes.

Opinion: Universal pre-K urged as vital to education

September 3, 2003 AccessOutcomesState & LocalUniversal and Targeted
Barbara Schlichtman

Offering a voluntary prekindergarten program in Louisiana would better prepare children for first grade and reduce their risk of being poor readers later in school. Louisiana has its LA4 Early Childhood Program, which prepares at-risk 4-year-olds for school by teaching them colors, letters, numbers and more.

Study full of praise for pre-k

August 26, 2003 OutcomesState & LocalState Pre-K Evaluations
Patti Ghezzi

Georgia’s free, lottery-funded pre-kindergarten programs tend to have better-educated teachers and more consistent quality than private preschools, a state-funded study released Monday says. As a result, children in Georgia pre-k programs are generally better prepared for kindergarten than those in programs not sponsored by the state, the study says.

How Early Education Pays Off

August 20, 2003 Outcomes
Tim Eaton

[M]oney spent on young children is a hedge against much larger amounts spent later in life on welfare, government-funded medical care and prison. Steven Barnett, a Rutgers University professor and director of the National Institute for Early Education Research, audited the Abecedarian results and said early learning decreased behavior problems and crime and increased productivity…

Column: Honest Look at Head Start

August 3, 2003 Governance and AccountabilityOutcomesState & Local
David S. Broder

A wealth of studies has shown that Head Start kids do better in school than contemporaries who have no such experience. But each time the program has come up for renewal, Congress and the administration have searched for ways to reach more children, make the gains more durable and close the persistent gap between Head…