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Designing a STEM Professional Development Program for Preschool Teachers, with Supports for DLLs

August 23, 2017 English Language LearnersQuality and CurriculumSTEM
Hebbah El-Moslimany

Often early childhood educators are not well-prepared to support STEM learning (NRC, 2009), and in our research at NIEER, with partnership from East Tennessee State University, we have developed a model that aims to fill this gap. SciMath-DLL model is a preschool professional development model that integrates STEM instructional offerings with supports for dual language learners….

Expanding “Good Start” Science Activities: How to Get More Out of Typical Preschool Science Experiences

November 8, 2016 English Language LearnersQuality and CurriculumWorkforce

In this 2016 NAEYC Annual Conference presentation, Alissa A. Lange, Ph.D. and Kimberly Brenneman, Ph.D. discussed how to build on popular preschool science activities (e.g., making playdough) so children develop key science inquiry skills and have the opportunity to truly be the naturally curious scientists they already are. Using a variety of “good start” activities…

Impacts of a Science and Math Professional Development Project for Pre-K Teachers of Dual-Language Learners

May 1, 2013 English Language LearnersQuality and CurriculumWorkforce

NIEER Assistant Research Professors Alissa Lange and Kimberly Brenneman presented a poster at the American Education Research Association’s annual conference in San Francisco. The poster, entitled “Impacts of a Science and Math Professional Development Project for Pre-K Teachers of Dual-Language Learners (DLLs),” summarized findings from the SciMath-DLL project’s first two years. This National Science Foundation-funded…

Early Childhood Choices and Hispanic Families

April 1, 2013 AccessEnglish Language LearnersOutcomesQuality and Curriculum

This presentation looks at the rates in which children who are Hispanic and/or English language learners enroll in preschool and the impact of pre-K on their learning outcomes. NIEER Associate Director of Research Milagros Nores presented at the “Creating a Pipeline to Preschool: Moving Paterson Children to Success” conference in Paterson, NJ. Dr. Nores’s presentation focused on Hispanic…

Experimental Comparison of Two-way & Monolingual Immersion in Preschool

June 1, 2012 English Language LearnersGovernance and AccountabilityOutcomesQuality and CurriculumState & Local

At the Head Start National Research Conference in Washingon, DC, NIEER Director Steve Barnett spoke on instruction for English language learners in preschool education classrooms.

Enhancing Policy and Practice for Young Dual Language Learners: What Is the Research Base?

June 1, 2010 English Language Learners

At the NAEYC Professional Development Institute in Phoenix, Ellen Frede, NIEER co-director, and Eugene García, NIEER Scientific Advisory Board member and vice president of Arizona State University, co-presented on the topic of English Language Learners (ELLs). Specifically, Drs. Frede and Garcia spoke on the research base for policy and practice for young dual language learners (DLLs),…

Hispanics, Language and Immigration: Gaps in the Early Years

April 1, 2009 English Language Learners

Presentation by NIEER Assistant Research Professor Milagros Nores and Claudia Pineda, University of California, on their study of Hispanic gaps, addressing questions such as: How much of the Hispanic achievement gap can be explained by language background differences and immigration experiences? How do Hispanics gaps evolve over time and compare to other racial groups? How…

New State Research on Highly Effective Pre-K

June 1, 2007 Economics and FinanceEnglish Language LearnersQuality and CurriculumState & LocalState Pre-K Evaluations

NIEER Director Steve Barnett’s power point presentation on state preschool research at the Congressional briefing June 18, 2007.